Job Description :
SharePoint consultant
It is one role with the person being a generalist with background in administration, architecture, development, training and analysis.
Need USC only……….
SharePoint consultant to work with our federal client based out of Boise, Idaho. There will be some Pacific Northwest travel on a monthly basis to service satellite offices. This is a well-rounded position asking the individual to provide support in architecture, development, management, analysis and training. Someone with a majority of the required skills with the aptitude to engage in other areas may be a suitable candidate.
SharePoint Infrastructure Architect
There are currently four SharePoint 2010 web front-end servers and two database servers being combined to one SharePoint 2013 farm. These changes have started in the July 2017. The future vision is to have fifteen production servers, fifteen disaster recovery servers and fifteen test servers for these two sites. The contractor should be aware of the level of effort required to manage the existing SharePoint infrastructure that is currently in use. The contractors will take the lead for efforts to design, plan and execute all aspects for the conversion to future SharePoint version upgrades as well as architectural changes to existing SharePoint farms. The contractor shall perform sufficient research and analysis to plan and design the SharePoint infrastructure, including hardware (servers and operating system requirements), software (IIS, SQL, SharePoint, InfoPath, etc and Network connectivity. The contractor shall stay apprised of the SharePoint configuration including Containment hierarchy (web farm, web applications etc, Search indexing, authentication methodology and email connectivity. The contractor shall establish and manage for Backup & Recovery of supporting SharePoint systems (i.e. SQL, Web, App by determining frequency, scope, methods and tool sets. The contractor shall ensure Capacity and Performance Management by establishing limits, quotas & triggers, monitors and notifications.
SharePoint System Administrator
The contractor will implement and maintain the appropriate level of controls on SharePoint systems and security. Support SharePoint service planning, implementation and maintenance; plan for and implement new version upgrades. Stay apprised of technical developments in SharePoint and make new technology recommendations, including hardware and software. The contractor shall provide technical advice and consultation in the design, installation and maintenance of SharePoint servers. Monitor functionality, security, and integrity of SharePoint services. Identify and resolve technical problem conditions. Provide support for remote server locations as requested. Install and support add-on SharePoint web parts as appropriate.
SharePoint Training
During the summer of 2017, the client will migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The contractor will be responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the necessary user training courses for SharePoint 2013. Training will be tailored to the audience, size or scope of instruction based on the customer needs, which may include comparisons of SharePoint 2010 to the newer version 2013. The contractor will provide virtual (WebEx) and live training packages. It is expected that a combination of WebEx and onsite.
SharePoint Solutions Developer
There are approximately 400 established SharePoint sites. Of these, over 180 of them were modified
in 2017 and approximately 15 are pending. The contractor should be aware of the level of effort required to manage the full scope of the SharePoint sites that are currently in use. The contractors will continue to manage existing sites while creating new SharePoint sites. They will coordinate with other SharePoint developers to deliver solutions to remote locations as required. The contractor shall work closely with customers to capture business requirements and advise them on design capabilities and maintenance responsibilities. The contractor shall design custom solutions for the customer. They will perform research in order to discover methods & adapt to requirements as needed by designing custom forms and/or input screens. The contractor shall implement solutions using standard or custom SharePoint site templates, lists, libraries, customized InfoPath forms and customized workflows to automate processes & notifications
SharePoint Services Manager
The contractor will monitor functionality, security, and integrity of SharePoint services. The contractor must have the skillsets needed to lead the efforts for planning, organizing and implementing the necessary changes to SharePoint 2013, which will occur during the summer of 2017. These skillsets include but are not limited to ensuring all aspects of service life cycle adhere to the security/information assurance policies. The contractor shall use Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Framework to develop guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs The contractor shall ensure the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles and practices in the delivery of SharePoint services in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Special Publication 800-53)
SharePoint Technical Trainer
Training will also be provided to approximately 15-20 Program/Groups at the. Design and deliver training courses in SharePoint information, technologies, and communications. Upon completion of training, users are generally proficient enough to navigate within their SharePoint site, understand the basic capability of SharePoint and be familiar with their specific workflow process in order to complete tasks