Job Description :
Incident Management
Philadelphia, PA

Leads all Sev1 and 2 outages – takes control, directs, redirects individuals, gets all required people on the bridge, is responsive and communicative,
Reviews SAMS verbiage and drives for it to be sent within 15 mins, tracks Brouha creation and all updates to it, drives LS individuals
Keeps track of all outages (including Sev 3 and 4) during that shift
Keeps track of left shift opportunities during outages
Distributes individuals for various tasks during the shift including but not limited to bridge mgmt., reports, shift left activitiesetc and tracks their performance
Validates reports that go out from the team
Monitors the alert queue and pushes agents to work/close incidents
Watches radiation board and any trends in alerts which may cause an outage
Keeps track of alerts that are noise, automation tools usage
Implements any new processes or changes in processes
Provides feedback to individuals on quality, process gaps, performanceetc
Generates performance reports for the shift
Ensures all incidents(Brouha and SI''s) opened by individuals in the shift are closed or have legitimate reasons for being open
Hands over the shift to the next lead with all required updates