Job Description :


We Have Urgent Requirement for Python Developer at Bethpage, NY

Job Title: Python Developer
Location : Bethpage, NY


Digital : Python, BPS : Telecom - Network Management, Foundation : Unix / Linux Basics and Commands

Essential Skills:

We are problem solver who possess grit/perseverance that are passionate at break down complex system into bite size chunk by adapting best practice DevOps methodology and sharing knowledge and communication well.
The Product & CPE Engineering individual team member possesses.
Mad Technical SkillsExcellent Communication Proficiency (written and verbal)Self-Motivation & Drive to Deliver Beyond Surface-Level ObjectivesExtreme Flexibility and Willingness to Adapt (comfortable with change & uncertainty)Personal Accountability, Teachability, Maturity, Integrity & HumilityCommitment to Long-Term, Progressive Thinking & Repeatable MethodologiesBe Able to Move QUICKLY from “Issues" to “Solutions” (WITHOUT getting caught-up in “complications”)Have the Ability to “See, Focus & Be Goal Oriented”Serve Others & Help Them “Score”Be Able to Self-identify & Act-on Personal Mechanisms to “Recharge”Technology Stack in used today:Container/Docker/Linux hostHAProxy, Nginx, Traefik for reverse proxyFlask/Gunicorn are the glue/WSGI that front end to backend in the context of Python; we use JSON as data structure between the front/back end. Front end: Javascript/HTML/CSS/Angular/ReactBackend Language: Python, Node.js, GONoSQL: MongoDB, REDIS, CassandraTime Series DB: InfluxDB, PrometheusDashboard: GrafanaConcept: WebSocket/2 way communication between front/backend: socket.ioAsync/NonBlocking programming: RQ/Celery and the likePub/Sub: broker/subscriber — MQTT, MQNetwork Protocol: SNMP, TR69, SSH, Iperf3, DNS, DHCP, TCP/UDP, IPv6Phy Layer: RF/WiFi/DOCSIS/PON