Job Description :
Build & Release Engineer with familiarity in cloud & applications.
Integrating 3rd party applications with Azure cloud.
Experience in build/release management
PowerShell background is plus to have (Ruby /Python could be alternate)
Highlights of responsibilities: • Work with the National IT Cloud organization to identify patterns of usage and build templates for VSTS commercial usage and TFS for Government Cloud Usage • Help with Project Migrations from and to different versions of TFS • Create new naming standards for Team Projects, Build definitions and Labels • Support deployments to all Production and non-Production environments. • Customize Process Template to include new work item types, user groups and Security changes • Perform Post Production Merges and Builds • Customize TFSBuild.proj build files for various projects. • Perform and deploy Builds for various environments like QA, Integration, UAT and Production • Design and develop Cloud Service projects and deploy to Web Apps, PaaS, and IaaS. • Implement 2FA and Role based authentication mechanisms using Windows Azure Active Directory • Setup new TFS-Git Repositories for versioning control, CodeFlow for code review You will support Release Engineering activities: Coordinate with dev-ops, information security and DBA teams to ensure successful deployments of new planned releases and patches to services. You will act as a customer advocate: With in-depth knowledge of supported customer needs, you will participate in planning and rollout of new features, to meet immediate and long term customer requirements and innovations.