Job Description :
Role – RPA Solution Architect

Location: Denver,CO / Atlanta ,GA

Duration: Full Time

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Architect will be responsible for analyzing business processes and identifying/implementing automation solutions.

Location - Denver,CO / Atlanta ,GA

As a Solution Architect, following are the roles & responsibilities:

· A software architect needs to interact with clients, product managers, and developers in order to envision, model and provide initial models and designs that can be built

· A software architect has to constantly review the code to ensure the quality of the design by avoiding complexity, advocating clarity and to do this with the team.

· The role of a software architect includes collaborative working with a degree of humility and providing mentoring as required.

The most important responsibility is complete technical support of the project from the moment of inception, through product release, to development of enhancements. The other responsibilities considered among the main ones are:

· Identifying business requirements and requirements of the stakeholders on the project

· Designing the entire system based on the received requirements

· Choosing the system architecture and each individual component of this system at a high level

· Choosing the technologies for the implementation of each component and connections between the components

· Architectural review

· Code-review

· Writing project documentation and its support

· Creating unified development standards in the company

· Controlling the architecture during the next iteration of the system release

o control over correct using the architecture

o control over timing and deadline

o control over synchronization of the software with the system architecture

o do performance quality control

o give input as needed to issues like the tool and environment selection

o interact with management and stakeholders

o resolve disputes and make tradeoffs

o resolve technical problems

o understand and plan for evolutionary paths

o plan for new technology insertion

o manage risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the architecture

Required Skills:

· A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

· 10+ yrs of IT SDLC development preferably

· 5+ yrs of robotic process automation with WEB / WINDOWS / ERP / GREEN SCREEN

· 5+ yrs in IT leadership roles

· 2+ yrs using Automation Anywhere software tools

· Should have strong communication skills

· Should be able to interact with various business and technical stakeholders

· Should be able to challenge to process team who have identified the processes to automate

· Analyze business process and identifying automation opportunities and assess automation feasibility

· Analyzing, understanding and documenting the business processes in detail where required.

· Develop AS-IS and TO-BE process flows.

· Identifying and communicating the technical infrastructure requirements to deploy automation solutions

· Configuring new RPA processes and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand using Automation Anywhere.

· Creating and maintaining solution documentation.

· Problem solving issues that arise in day to day running of Client's RPA processes and providing timely responses and solutions as required.

· Scoping of releases

· Able to challenge why we need BOTS to be placed and why not manual