Job Description :

Highly motivated technology professional with the ability to develop intermediate level solutions using the OpenSpan application suite.
Most often directed by a capable Business Analyst, Technology Architect or Engagement Manager whose job it is to clearly define both the functional requirements and the detailed project design.
Possesses a BS degree in Computer Science or related technology/engineering degree, or equivalent industry experience.
Typically has 1-3 years of experience working with enterprise-class software as a programmer/analyst.
Has successfully completed the OpenSpan “Core” certification process and has worked on multiple OpenSpan project engagements as a productive member of the delivery team.

Works in a collaborative effort with the project team to develop, test, implement and support recommended solutions using the OpenSpan Platform.
Provides knowledge and expertise in the development and design of the Solution screens to optimize end user experience.
Responsible for unit testing software deliverables based on established test plans.
Responsible for ensuring an efficient integration of programming deliverables, timely builds and overall code quality.
Contributes to the delivery of new applications and to the maintenance and enhancement of existing applications with shared responsibility for the technical issues.
Capable of spending a portion of time at the customer site during key phases of the project implementation.
May assist with onsite detailed discovery of client applications and end-user requirements.
Capable of addressing more common configuration management tasks.
General Expertise:

Capable of working individually, or as part of a larger team, to ultimately develop a software solution consistent with the design specifications. Resources are expected to have intermediate levels of expertise in the following areas:

Application Development

Detailed Design

Project Estimation

Technical Training / Education

Basic Configuration





Java, JVM, JNI and COM


Web Services

Databases and Connectors

Enterprise Messaging


Specialized Adapters