Job Description :
Only Candidates with IT and business process re-engineering projects for government entities need apply

Scope of Work
Contractor will provide a QA professional to work in coordination with Purchaser’s Project Manager. The QA professional will provide ongoing QA oversight of EMP, per OCIO Policy 132. Contractor will comply with Purchaser’s work requirements and provide the identified deliverables.

Work Requirements
The contractor must comply with the following expectations, conditions and constraints:
Contractor will regularly attend meetings at an OSOS location in Olympia, Washington. Contractor may be required to perform other duties at the OSOS site. Contractor may complete report-writing or other written tasks at Contractor’s location;
Contractor will comply with all Washington State OCIO policies and standards;
Contractor will comply with all OSOS methodologies and standards for software development (architectural standards, configuration management, programming standards, testing methodologies, change control, peer reviews) and maintain all project-related documentation within the project’s SharePoint repository;
Contractor will comply with all OSOS division policies and standards (ethics, Internet /e-mail usage, security, and harassment);
Contractor will travel as necessary to meet with stakeholders in all 39 counties in Washington State;
Contractor will work with a committee of OSOS staff, county staff, and other subject-matter experts;
Contractor will work cooperatively with OSOS staff, County staff, and other OSOS vendors;
Contractor will accept responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work;
Contractor will timely complete and update task artifacts;
Contractor will create and nurture a results-oriented culture that focuses on measurable outcomes by fostering teamwork and innovation to accomplish OSOS missions and goals;
Contractor will employ sound professional judgment;
Contractor will provide thorough, complete knowledge transfer to OSOS staff;
Contractor will demonstrate leadership in quickly and effectively resolving technical and project issues;
Contractor will provide timely, accurate communication to multiple levels of stakeholders (ex: technical, managerial, and executive levels);
Contractor will participate in project meetings, project status reviews, and other meetings;
Contractor will meet or exceed goals and objectives with little need for oversight;
Contractor’s personnel will remain available throughout the period of performance; and
Contractor will work independently to perform the specified services.

1. Regular Meetings
Contractor will regularly participate in meetings with OSOS and others.

2. Regular Reports
Contractor will regularly create and provide written Quality Assurance reports using the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) practice areas. Reports will include:
Executive summary of project progress, process strengths and weaknesses, and important issues or recommendations.
Detailed project management findings and recommendations.
Project milestone and budget assessment.
Assessment of potential project barriers, with recommended mitigation strategies.
Summary of findings closed during the reporting period, open findings, and an assessment of OSOS’ actions related to findings.

3. Close-Out Report
Contractor will create and provide a written project close-out report, including post-implementation review, at the conclusion of the project.

Required Qualifications:
Experience supporting independent quality assurance services on Washington information technology projects pursuant to OCIO Policy 132.
Experience providing quality assurance services on IT and business process re-engineering projects for government entities.

Desired Qualifications:
A proven methodology for providing quality assurance services.
Experience providing quality assurance services for projects of similar size, scope, risk, and complexity.
Professional certifications, such as PMI, ITIL, TBM, or other relevant certification.

Following are required from the consultant
1. Describe experience providing similar support. Include project or client support examples that can be used as references.
2. Describe your methodology for providing QA services including:
Tools that will be used, with an example of a recent QA report.
How you will adapt your processes to meet Washington QA Practices (Policy 132
Approach you will use to track risks associated with the project.
Approach you will use to assess project operations.
3. Defines effective communication approach and methodology candidate will employ

Also include the following information:
Information about experience assisting state agencies with QA oversight of RFP development, proposal evaluation support, and project management; and

Also need a work break down structure or project plan for each deliverable throughout the duration project. This should include number of hours and scheduled delivery date.

Client : WS - OSS