Job Description :
Role: Qlik Systems Engineer

Location: 1st preference is to work from Tampa, FL office, 2nd preference is
Chicago, IL and 3rd preference is another BIH office or remote
Urgency: They need someone ASAP

Position Summary:

As a Qlik Systems Engineer you will strategically design, implement, and
administer Qlik software and systems, including integration with databases
and data warehouses. This includes selecting, blueprinting, gathering
requirements, designing, and rolling out Qlik solutions to end users. The
Qlik Systems Engineer is also responsible for ensuring high levels of Qlik
availability through support functions and in-depth testing.


* Install, configure and maintain clustered server environments using Qlik
Sense, QlikView, and QlikView NPrinting software products
* Support the operation of Qlikview 11/12 advanced features like Direct
Discovery, Alternate States, Grid Container, and Dimension Limits
* Support the migration of applications from Qlikview to Qlik Sense and
assist in resolving critical compatibility issues during migrations
* Administer QlikView and Qlik Sense ecosystem.
* Manage Qlik software licensing compliance.
* Deploy QlikView/Sense custom extension objects system including custom
front-end GUIs in accordance to a defined SDLC process.
* Monitor application resource utilization and ensure optimal performance
oriented software product configurations (both QlikView and QlikSense
* Work with peers to establish backup/recovery processes and coordinate
server hardware maintenance/upgrades.
* Work with Product Management to develop processes for implementing and
maintaining role and data level security within QlikView/Sense environments.
* Mentor and cross-train other members of the team.

Job Requirements:

* 5 + years prior experience in BI/data warehouse or related IT industry
* 5 + years prior experience with Qlik BI tools, in particular:
* QlikView 11/12 Desktop and Server
* Qlik Sense 2.x Desk and Enterprise Server
* 3 + years prior experience installing, configuring and administering Qlik
BI tools
* Qlik NPrinting Server experience preferred
* CIA Report Manager experience preferred
* Qlik training / certification preferred
* Knowledge of: Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012,
VMware ESX
* Working knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory
* Working knowledge of the Open Systems Interconnection model
* Experience engineering large and complex data analytics platforms
* Experience with Relational & Dimensional data sources including Vertica
and MS SQL Server
* Experience working with Healthcare member and claims data
* Good knowledge of HIPAA/HITECH data privacy and security practices and
* Ability to support occasional after hours work efforts


* BA / BS in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems,
and/or equivalent industry experience.
* Strong written and oral communication skills.
* Strong presentation and interpersonal skills.
* Exceptional analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving abilities.
* Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
* Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.