Job Description :
Title: SQLServer DBA with SilverFlume Experience
Duration: 12 months plus Contract
Location: Carson City, NV

requirement (requires Certification - please see requirement - Candidate needs to be familiar with the information in the document. Client will terminate interview if candidate is not familiar with the information provided in the attached document

EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED – listed in order of importance
Consultant must have:
1.1 The capability to perform the functions described in Section 12, Scope of Work;
1.2 Five (5) to seven (7) years’ experience designing and maintaining SQL Server database in a .NET
1.3 Three (3) to four (4) years’ experience maintaining and supporting Oracle DB, Data Guard and
WebLogic including applying software upgrades and patches;
1.4 Three (3) to four (4) years’ experience developing, debugging and upgrading online applications for
.NET framework using WCF, ASP .NET, C#, ASP, .NETMVC, MS SQL Server 2012+, and HTML5
for an online web application;
1.5 Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience using Microsoft SQL integration services tools for bringing
relational and non-relational data into MS SQL database by analyzing and cleansing data and
running extract, transform and load or ETL, and migrate data from Oracle DB and other sources to
SQL Server;
1.6 Excellent troubleshooting and communication skills;
1.7 Attention to detail;
1.8 Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience providing technical support for online application;
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1.9 Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience developing in using Agile methodologies;
1.10 Ability to work in a team environment to develop application and support partners;
1.11 BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field;
1.12 Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer;
1.13 Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience with Java applications; and
1.14 Two (2) to three (3) years’ experience writing technical documentation.

Consultant must perform all activities to the agreed upon project plan/schedule. Work must be completed
according to the specifications and standards set by the State. The consultant must:
3.1 Spend time coming up to speed on the existing SilverFlume application including design,
architectures, existing technical and business documentation, environment, process, procedures,
code base (if Java proficient), and database (Oracle SQL);
3.2 Provide support and maintenance of legacy Oracle DB, DataGuard and WebLogic based
SilverFlume system including:
3.2.1 Management of application (databases, webservers) including monitoring, trouble
shooting, defect fixes, testing, and creating and testing backups;
3.2.2 Performance monitoring and tuning;
3.2.3 Patching the 24x7 live application environment (requires a flexible schedule and possible
3.2.4 Upgrading to new environments including rollbacks; and
3.2.5 Managing Oracle vendor service requests.
3.3 Come up to speed and follow the State of Nevada Secretary of State’s IT processes and procedures;
3.4 Discuss high level architecture with the architect, project manager, business manager, business
analyst, internal customer (IT team of System Administrators and DBAs), and partners to understand
direction and provide valuable feedback;
3.5 Work with team on reviewing and flushing out the business and technical requirements, project
schedule, and new environment planning (servers, database, development, test and rollout
3.6 Work with the SilverFlume Architect and SOSTEK DBA and System Administrator on designing the
data model and database; and getting the Microsoft SQL database and webserver setup for
development, test and production:
3.6.1 Provide database design and development support for projects;
3.6.2 Design new database schemas for projects;
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3.6.3 Evaluate and design dimensional modeling schemas for validity and robustness;
3.6.4 Create TSQL stored procedures for data loads;
3.6.5 Design and implement protection for user data and database; and
3.6.6 Design and implement processes using T/SQL, dynamic SQL and SSIS with an
understanding of Internet (PCI) security and best practices for development.
3.7 Develop and debug web services code using WCF, ASP .NET, ASP .NET MVC, MS SQL Server
2012+, C#, and HTML5 for passing data into and out of other systems;
3.8 Follow development and maintenance best practices for software and database management (follow
coding and maintenance standards, configuration management, versioning, and unit and system
3.9 Provide data migration: Use Microsoft SQL integration services tools to bring Oracle SQL relational
and non-relational data into Microsoft SQL database by analyzing and cleansing data and running
extract, transform and load, or ETL, and migrate data from Oracle DB and other sources to SQL
3.10 Help in writing technical and operator manual documentation for the SilverFlume product;
3.11 Provide technical support of online application with partners and support staff for end users;
3.12 Provide database support for customer/client websites. Maintained, developed, and enhanced
stored procedures used by clients/customers;
3.13 Provide suggestions to production processes that greatly simplified their operations and
3.14 Provide technical assistance to application development teams and technical support analyst; and
3.15 Troubleshoot SQL DB performance issues and recommend/implement tuning.
Consultant must provide the following based on the agreed upon project plan/schedule.
4.1 Knowledge Transfer:
4.1.1 Setup meetings with technology stakeholders and team members for knowledge transfer,
system architecture design and review, and development planning and rollout of
application and services;
4.1.2 Spend time in the test environment of the existing SilverFlume application to determine
how it operates today to be able to re-implement this functionality in the new Microsoft
4.1.3 Review the following documentation: Existing SilverFlume technical and security solution documentation; SilverFlume re-write business and functional requirements, WBS
schedule, and planning documents;
Page 5 of 7 SOSTek technology, services and ISO documentation; Charter for IT Alignment Solution Development; and eSoS replacement project documentation (SilverFlume will need to
integrate with the new eSoS product
4.2 Support legacy Oracle system application (database, webserver) including:

4.2.1 Performance monitoring/tuning;
4.2.2 Ensuring data and database security is maintained
4.2.3 Troubleshooting issues,
4.2.4 Created and testing defects,
4.2.5 Patching live environment;
4.2.6 Creating backups and testing restores;
4.2.7 Coordinate with SilverFlume Portal and SOSTek teams to develop a schedule for testing
and installation of Oracle applications (DB, WebLogic, Data Guard) related patches to
legacy system; and
4.2.8 Working with Oracle on support items.
4.3 Plan out the new product
4.3.1 Review with the architect and Project Manager (PM) the full plan including consultants
area of development and provide feedback on the plan, requirements, implementation
approach, and schedule before beginning development; and
4.3.2 Work with the architect to design database and application including database schema,
detailed interfaces and work flows, work break down schedules, detailed functionality
requirements based on the high-level business and technical requirements.
4.4 Setup new environment, develop application, and migrate data
4.4.1 Help create the new development, test and deployment environments by working with the
SilverFlume architect, lead .Net developer and the internal customer (SOSTEK DBA and
System Administrator) on setting up a Microsoft SQL databases and webservers on
physical and virtual machines;
4.4.2 Produce reusable code for .NET framework using WCF, ASP .NET, C#, SQL/MVC .NET,
and HTML5 for an online web application that meets designs and functional requirements
in the timeline specified on the schedule; and
4.4.3 Provide data migration using Microsoft SQL integration services tools to bring data from
existing SilverFlume Oracle SQL relational and non-relational data into Microsoft SQL
database. Provide data analysis and cleansing, run extracts, transform and load data, or
ETL, and migrate data from Oracle DB and other sources to SQL Server.
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4.5 Rollout and test new application and database
4.5.1 Work with the SOSTEK IT team to rollout out new database and application to the test
environment and then to production;
4.5.2 Help in testing application: Creating Test Plan with Program Manager and Architect Writing Test Scripts Executing Test Scripts
4.5.3 Debug environment and fix defects.
4.6 Help authoring documentation related to consultants area in:
4.6.1 Technical Functional Specification;
4.6.2 Product User Guides;
4.6.3 Product Administration Guide;
4.6.4 Product Technical/System Specifications;
4.6.5 DSDD (Detailed System Design Document);
4.6.6 Database Administration Guide;
4.6.7 System Administration Guide;
4.6.8 Database design documents including ERD and Data Dictionary; and
4.6.9 Data migration plan.
4.7 Help review, author, and train staff:
4.7.1 Review training plan for internal partner (systems administrators, DBAs, developers) and
end users;
4.7.2 Provide Training Materials for the consultant’s specific areas (database and portions of
the application); and
4.7.3 Support team members providing training and possibly provide training for the
consultant’s specific area.
4.8 Help provide support for PM:
4.8.1 Feedback on plan and schedule;
4.8.2 Adhere to and help others to adhere to change control process with PM for any new
tasks after the initiation stage;
4.8.3 Assist the PM in risk mitigation; and
4.8.4 Provide weekly updates on consultant’s area for reporting on schedule, status, issues
and risks for the project:
Page 7 of 7 Problems that were encountered and proposed/actual resolutions; Issues that need to be addressed; and proposed approach; Details on updates/tasks scheduled to start or finish during the period;
and Activities to be accomplished during the next reporting period.
4.9 Support System
4.9.1 Provide technical upgrades, configuration, performance enhancements and debugging
support for online mixed-environment production database and applications; and
4.9.2 Providing technical support of online database and application with partners and support
staff for end users