Job Description :
QA testers will assist in-house Gemalto-Cogent QA personnel in the manual testing of our LiveScan & mobile products which is used for the capture of an individual’s biometric and demographic data. The scope of the testing will cover, but is not limited to the following:

1. Development of Test Cases /Plans based on Customer Contract Requirements, Development Design Specifications and Interface Control Documents (ICD’s)
2. Review of existing Test Cases for accuracy and test coverage
3. Verification of TOT’s (Type of Transactions) in Electronic Fingerprint Identification submissions
4. Verify workflow & system configuration through installation of system specific configuration files and performing end-to-end tests as required
5. Verify applicant and/or criminal workflows through the capture of biometric and demographic data. System configuration will be unique to the customer and specific biometric capture devices will be required. Required biometric devices will be supplied by Gemalto-Cogent.
6. Verify transmitted / response packets, if required.
7. Perform usability testing in terms of functionality, ease-of-use, intuitive operational flow, interpretation of error messages, etc.
8. Document all issues within the Gemalto-Cogent Defect Management Systems
9. Document all Test Cases within the Gemalto-Cogent Test Case Management System
10. Participate is project meetings as requested
11. Issue Test Reports as required