Job Description :
Python Developer w/ Financial Experience
Contract: Long term
Implementation Partner: Sapient
Client: Citadel
Location: NYC

10-12+ years experience minimum - financial experience required

Primary responsibility is to extract data from different sources/feeds, massage the data and load it to DB. Thus loaded data will be used by Analyst and QR teams
Development in Python on Linux, SQL Server and various libraries of Python - Pands, numpy, beautifulsoup etc
Web Scraping/Web Crawling, unstructured data gathering and ETL processing

Understanding of Functional Programming Concepts
Good knowledge on pandas, scipy, numpy
Strong Python programming experience and Linux commands
Experience in web-scraping and using modules like urllib, Beautiful Soup is good to have
Good knowledge on SQL (Sql server, basic understanding of execution plans/ index types/ sql queries)
Basic knowledge on object oriented programming
Experience is working and understanding of disparate yet related data sets and be able to correlate them together
Knowledge of CI/CD using GIT, Jenkins, Version control.
Aware of unit testing using pynose, debugging using pdb and IDE

Client : CITADEL