Job Description :
Title : Python Developer

Location :Houston, TX

Background/Expected experience level

Back-end developer for working on Oil and Gas company Downstream Manufacturing project

Looking for a more experienced person, someone between 8-10 years of experience

Must have past experience with other large scale back-end development project needs

Preference to be someone with either a Computer Science or Engineering background

Must-have skill-sets:

Solid communication skills

Experience with working on a large team in an iterative manner (knowledge of Agile/SCRUM is desirable)

Advanced understanding of Python, in particular version 2.7.

Advanced understanding of Flask

Solid understanding of Back-end middlewares, in particular Nginx

Solid understanding of NoSQL databases. Preference to value candidates who already worked with Hadoop and as a consequence with HBase

Intermediate understanding of SQL Server

Solid understanding of Python development GUIs: Anaconda or Visual Studio

Solid understanding of code management repositories - Git

Experience on working with Pandas/Numpy/Scikit

Desired skill-sets:

Python 3.6 for version/feature enhancements

Knowledge on how to interact and manage SQL Server entities/objects via SQLAlchemy

Experience with CI/CD such as TFS

Experience with containers and platforms (Openshift is preferred)

Technical Skills:

Write clean, concise, robust and well-documented python code.

Proficient in use of pandas & numpy

Proficient in developing and leveraging APIs and web services

Proficient in Software development Tool Chains (e.g. make, GIT, Visual Studio, TFS, Jenkins, Travis)

Strong understanding of web services and object oriented principles.

Strong understanding of Agile methodologies (e.g., SCRUM, Kanban)

Strong understanding of Relational Database Management Systems & Database Modeling Fundamentals (SQL Server 2012+, Spark, T-SQL)

Ability to Profile/Debug using tools (e.g. VS Profiling)

Other: Software engineering principles, API Integration, DEVOPs methodologies (continuous integration & delivery), test automation, parallel computing paradigms (e.g. shared/distributed memory), understanding performance and analyzing algorithm complexity

Education: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other engineering discipline or Equivalent