Job Description :
Project manager for State of Oregon
Location: Salem, OR
Duration: 12 Months

Responsible for the coordination and completion of projects. Oversees all aspects of projects. Sets deadlines, assigns responsibilities, and monitors and summarizes progress of project. Prepares reports for upper management regarding status of project. May require a bachelor''s degree and 7 or more years of experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with a variety of the field''s concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. May lead and direct the work of Contractor staff. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
Description of Services:
The purpose of this Contract is to obtain Project Management Services for Motor Carrier Applications Development (MCAD The scope of work includes performing tasks that directly relate to managing project scope, schedule, budget, resources and communication for successful delivery of MCTD projects.

Contractor shall perform all services and meet stated requirements in accordance with the statement of work, delivery schedule, and ODOT standards. Contractor shall coordinate all services with the MCAD Leadership Team and follow MCAD-documented project management practices. Contractor is also required to adhere to tight deadlines and to coordinate and manage a large number of tasks.

ODOT uses a copyrighted Information Technology development methodology called Macroscope. All Contractor documentation deliverables must relate to Macroscope documents or consolidated groups of documents where possible.

Tasks Contractor Shall Perform:
Task 1: Project Management Services
Contractor shall provide Project Management services to ensure the successful and timely execution of the tasks associated with the projects assigned. Contractor shall perform the specified services as identified below and provide ODOT with the deliverables identified in this WOC. Services include: project development, budget management and scheduling of services, administration, coordination and supervision of services, and communication planning/management for all projects assigned to the contractor.

The contractor shall perform the following project management services:
1. Manage the assigned projects through the Motor Carrier Application Development (MCAD) development process. This includes preparing and submitting MCAD core deliverables, coordinating peer reviews on required deliverables, and updating and submitting the Final Project Completion Report (M060S) on the assigned projects.
2. Lead negotiations and discussions at team meetings to arrive at consensus on key decision items. Contractor shall record issues discussed and agreements made as meeting minutes, and provide a copy of the meeting minutes to other attendees.
3. Provide guidance to the project team.
4. Negotiate project scope, schedule, and budget with stakeholders. Prepare and submit change requests to reflect any agreed-upon changes following MCAD’s change management procedures.
5. Track deliverable development efforts of MCAD.
6. Track and monitor tasks within the project schedule.
7. Facilitate project deliverable review and approval.
8. Provide leadership to project resources.
9. Evaluate project on a regular basis to ensure quality of project, timeliness of project decisions and adherence to project scope, schedule, and budget requirements.
10. Prepare and deliver presentations to various stakeholder groups.
11. Review project documentation produced by MCAD project teams, and provide recommended changes.
Provide input and collaborate with stakeholders to manage the implementation of the projects assigned

Client : State of Oregon