Job Description :
Project Manager

Richmond, VA

12 Months

Years of Experience/Certifications:

8-11 years of experience in the field or in a related area
PMP or Commonwealth Project Management Certification preferred

Job Description:

A project manager is needed to work with VITA to move VSP''s end user
services, directory services, and network services into VITA''s environment.
The project manager is responsible for managing the project scope, schedule,
budget, and reporting to VSP IT management on a weekly basis. The project
manager will coordinate VSP and VITA efforts on the design, development and
implementation of the system. The project manager will be responsible for
the identification, analysis, tracking and recommending appropriate actions
to project issues including those that are technology related. They will
also be responsible for the identification and management of project risks.
In general, the project manager is responsible for the coordination and
completion of the assigned projects.

The project manager must have:

- Extensive knowledge of infrastructure and network implementation (minimum
of 5 years experience) some of which in a project leadership or PM position.
- Experience overseeing the implementation of a large complex application by
a vendor.
They must be able to communicate both orally and in writing, and to work
with multiple stakeholders and facilitate collaboration between vendor and
IT Division staff.