Job Description :
any visa/tax term

Project Manager (Management Consulting, MBA)

San Jose, CA

3-6 months + potential CTH

- Looking for someone doing PM work on the business
side of things doesn t need a technical PM

- Candidates with MBAs

Project Manager role high impact projects, dealing with executive level.
This could turn long term. All management consulting.
Works closely with the executive group, all around execution strategic
projects, cross functional (high impact), not just focused on one area.
Even planning, meetings with other vendors, strategy analysis, how they
were able to get data metrics. Quarterly business reviews, presentation.
PMP, MBA (not mandatory)

5 years experience with large impact projects
Culture: humble, well articulate.

March start date

What were the projects, impact made? Who did they work with?
"I m looking for mgmt. consulting experience for a couple key skills:
problem solving, knows how to use data to answer questions, experience
gathering data and gleaning insights from it, putting together presentation
with a cohesive message and problem / solution framing, ability to hop from
one project to another, and managing multiple projects all at the same