Job Description :
Job Title: Project Manager
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Duration: 12+ Months

Skills and Responsibilities
· Current certification in Agile Software Development Methodology and training. Certification documentation must be provided
· Four years of experience years working as a project manager developing WordPress CMS websites and native mobile app for iOS and Android in a large private or public environment such as the County of Los Angeles.
· Five years of experience working as a project manager in software solution development projects designing graphical user interfaces, websites and website prototypes that incorporate functionality including surveys, fillable forms, subscriptions, dynamic menus, analytics to track utilization, responsive design and app integration.
· Experience within the last five years managing systems using RHEL 6.x and 7.x.
· Three years of experience in creating communication strategies that integrate social and traditional media campaigns, web and mobile app analytics with efficient data analytics tools to improve mobile and website content.
· Five years of experience in building WordPress CMS websites, native mobile app for iOS and Android and supporting software including, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript .
· Five years of experience working as a project manager providing systems support, security, and maintenance software including Linux, Apache and Acunetix