Job Description :
Job Title: Project Manager KRONOS

Location: Rocky Hill CT

Duration: 12+ Months

The Project Manager will be responsible for the overall success of a projec=
t plan that is being implemented as part of a system roll out. This role wi=
ll be the key point of communication and accountability for numerous stakeh=
olders, including the solution vendor KRONOS.
Project Management responsibilities include time and resource management, r=
egional execution/accountability, issue and risk management, project execut=
ion. This person monitors the work produced by the team(s) in a variety of =
disciplines to ensure that the completion targets are met which are directl=
y tied to the success of the project plan. He or she is responsible for man=
aging stakeholder relationships, including general, ongoing communications,=
negotiation of scope and schedule changes, key risks, issue resolution, an=
d ongoing progress reporting.
This person must have a broad knowledge of industry best practices and be a=
ble to proactively identify potential project risks in order to proactively=
advise and consult with team members on risk identification, analysis, and=
mitigation strategies.

Job Requirements:

* Develops and maintains project plan that dovetails with State wide =
project plan
* Holds teams accountable for successful completion and reporting on =
project deliverables
* Communicates with key stakeholders and executive team to determine =
* Identifies key challenges while working Executive Team to triage is=
sues and assist with the assignment of appropriate resources
* Responsible for communicating vision, strategy, and methodology to =
* Managing project requirements balancing the needs of a vendor, larg=
er project organization and the local project team
* Manages testing and training schedules throughout utilizing in hous=
e resources
* Creates super-user profiles for each organization
* Catalogs and ushers key decisions within project to the Executive T=
eam for action
* Assists in the identification of organizational inconsistencies and=
A Bachelor''s degree is required: Preferred degree in Business, Hospital Adm=
inistration, Nursing or IT-related field
Required / Desired Skills
* Project management experience, with prior success in a health care =
environment (Required 8 Years)
* Advanced skills in data organization and analysis, problem solving,=
project plan execution and documentation (Required 8 Years)
* Effective analytical and presentation skills (Required 8 Years)
* Experience with a KRONOS implementation (Highly Desired 1 Years)
* Experience with Peoplesoft/Oracle products (Highly Desired 1 Years)
* Strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills; ability to tailor =
communication to different audiences, such as management, stakeholders, use=
rs, SMEs, developers, and others (Required 8 Years)
* Ability to lead others to articulate additional possibly hidden nee=
ds and create a climate of change (Required 8 Years)
* Ability to communicate and work effectively with both functional ar=
ea experts and technical team members (Required 8 Years)
* Experience working with Project Management software and tools: Micr=
osoft Project and Sharepoint (Required 8 Years)
* Experience with managing a project over a broad geographic area (Re=
quired 8 Years)
* Ability to manage work on multiple fronts with competing priorities=
(Required 8 Years)
* Experience with device installation with facilities and contract st=
aff/vendor (Required 8 Years)
* Experience overseeing user acceptance testing and providing test ca=
ses/test scenarios (Required 8 Years)
* Excellent organizational and time management skills (Required 8 Yea=
* Self-motivated and able to work independently (Required 8 Years)