Job Description :
Programmer Analyst
Creve Coeur, MO
1 year

Designing the Java and Python REST APIs to process the client profile and personal information that come to Monsanto across the world.

Adding OAuth security to each endpoint to make sure the API (using the Profile API) is secure and the access is restricted.

Writing efficient and optimized components to parse JSON data into SQL tables using Faster-XML.

Writing microservices to process the JSON data to make it faster and specific to each piece of data.

Handling high-volume data processing and different types of data like Flat Files, JSON, and Plain Text.

Implementing a generic component to process all types of data.

Using the most advanced cloud technologies like AWS EC2 and S3 for the application, deployments, and performance monitoring.

Implementing load balancers to handle millions of hits on APIs at once.

Filing the project to the Maven Modules to avoid dependency tracking and to make it more flexible.

Using Apache Kafka and implementing Publisher and Subscriber components to the topics for asynchronous message transfer between two distributed systems.

Talking to Reports and UX teams and syncing with them to pass the right format of data to show on the dashboards.

Performing research on using NodeJS, a very lightweight and client-side processing framework for small API implementations where security has less priority.

Minimum Educational Requirements:This role with above-mentioned duties requires at least a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or closely related field.