Job Description :
Programmer Analyst

Duration: 6+ months
Rate: ALAP
Location Atlanta, GA

Last Date : 10/10/2017

This is a Programmer Analyst position supporting configuration of all aspects of the FASTDS-VS® COTS application.

In this role, you will take business requirements and modify the SaaS product using configurations and rules. This person will perform requirement gathering and analysis, perform application configuration tasks, reference table configurations, set up users with access permissions for various functions, application development for change requests, scripting, software debugging, source control, application testing, preparation of implementation specifications and production application support.

Candidate must possess good understanding of different software development methodologies; both traditional and Agile.

Minimum Requirements

Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree.

Prefer the degree be in the following fields but not required:
Computer Science
Computer/Management Information Systems
Strong analytical skills
Working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)

Preferred Qualifications
2+ years of application development and support experience
Experience in Visual Basic .NET

Other Notes:

Client will conduct a background check on all candidates considered for the position. Individuals must be compliant with Georgia tax obligations.

Individuals having any overdue and unpaid taxes or any felony convictions will not be offered the position or hired.

Anyone who is a resident of Georgia for less than one year may be fingerprinted.