Job Description :
Program Manager
Title/Role: DOH - A4 Legacy PM4 581451
Harrisburg, PA
Start Date: 12/10/2018
End Date: 06/30/2019
No New Submitting after: 11/30/2018

Program Manager 4 (PM4) - 8 to 9 years relevant experience

The program manager will primarily provide support to DAVE end users in the rollout of the Electronic Death Registration System, EDRS. These end users include Funeral Directors, Medical Certifiers (Coroners/MEs Physicians, CRNPs and Pas), and Facility Admins. Additional duties may include assisting with calls from end users. Works with the Senior Program manager on the following: market and promote the usage of EDRS along with the recruitment of reporting entities to adopt the EDRS, facilitate new workflow, and outreach to facilities.

The Program Manager directs, controls, administers, and regulates an enhancement or development program. The Program Manager is the individual ultimately responsible to the agency. The Program Manager’s primary responsibility is to drive the entire effort from start to finish. The Program Manager must ensure that the program is completed on schedule and that the final product meets the business, technical, and established quality requirements.

Role Description:
Manages, coordinates, and establishes priorities for complete life-cycle of projects including the planning, design, programming, testing, and implementation of business solutions designed to meet requirements of various departments in the company, such as distribution, finance, and manufacturing.
Designs project plans, which identify needs and define major tasks and milestones, based on scope, resources, budget, and personnel.
Accountable for activities with excess delivery cycles of 8 to 12 months.
Accountable for the approval and sign-off of the program plan with customer representatives, such as portfolio managers, and all affected program stakeholders.
Accountable for management of scope for the program and gaining agreement and approval of scope changes with customer representatives and affected stakeholders.
Builds and maintains relationships with key stakeholders and customer representatives.
Directs work planning and scheduling design work.
Manages and tracks the program progress against the program plan.
Serves as the primary point of contact for all program-related issues and resolution of issues.
Coordinates and present proposals to agencies as necessary.
Identifies and manages program risk and develops risk mitigation strategies, track to closure.
Ensures team leads adjust and revise estimates when necessary.
Anticipates issues and proactively address them. Resolve conflicts with sensitivity and tact.
Coordinates the establishment of program standards and program specific procedures with team leads.
Responsible for project compliance with standards and procedures.
Responsible for the capturing and reporting of required program management metrics.
Responsible for tailoring and baseline of all program templates.
Develops and facilitates achievement of program service commitments and performance metrics.
Ensures that tasks provide value and support the strategic direction of the program and meet service commitments; conduct reviews with agencies.
Accountable for the final program management evaluation review with stakeholders for approval upon program completion.
Communicates effectively with customers and software / hardware suppliers supporting the State as appropriate.
Identifies and tracks issues.
Balances workload with program members’ capacity.
Communicates to team members how their work assignments relate to and help achieve program objectives.
Plans program specific training and orientation needs.
Responsible for the development of estimates for the enhancement or development effort in planning, analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation.
Accountable for delivery of all work tasks identified in the program plan.
Responsible for the capture and reporting of required program management metrics.
Adjusts and revises estimates when necessary.
Ensures all changes to scope follow processes and are documented.
Ensures new estimates are approved by the client and agreed upon.
Adjusts and revises estimates when necessary.
Manages and tracks the program progress against the program plan.
Monitors project milestones and phases to ensure the project is on schedule.
Takes corrective actions if a project begins to slip its schedule.
Prepares status reports on a periodic basis for program team, team leads, group leads, and program manager and appropriate stakeholders.
Plans, organizes, prioritizes, and manages multiple work efforts across application teams.
Develops the detailed program plan for the enhancement or development effort
Accountable for the final program management evaluation review with stakeholders for approval upon program completion.
Responsible for tailoring and base line of all program templates.
Accountable to schedule or monitor status reviews, peer reviews, program management inspections, and software quality assurance work product and process reviews with the appropriate designated resources.
Notifies team leads of project timelines, milestones, phases, work requests target dates, and approved executable work package.
Communicates and works with users and client as necessary.
Coordinates and presents proposals to agencies as necessary.
Analyzes and distributes reports on program metrics associated with work items related to improvement measures.
Ensures processes and activities are followed.

Experience with formal project management methodology
4 year college degree or equivalent technical study
Highly desired

Prior Commonwealth of PA agency experience
Highly desired