Job Description :
Role: Prognosis implementation consultant

Location: NY

Duration: long term

Open for Contract and FTE

Installation and configuration of Integrated Research’s Prognosis for Payments & Infrastructure Implementation and Integration in a financial institution environment

Key Objectives:

Provide Project Planning and Deployment Design for Prognosis Implementation

Perform Prognosis for Payments & Infrastructure & Infrastructure Implementation to include the following Modules where relevant :

· Financial Transaction Manager (FTM)

Implement Prognosis Dynamic Thresholds

Solution Optimization and Customizations

Install and configure Prognosis for Payments & Infrastructure on the designated management and/or Tandem and Stratus server(s

Configure Prognosis for Payments & Infrastructure to monitor Tandem and Stratus FTM environments

Prognosis server would receive all transactions in real time via an IP connection to the Stratus. The application on the Stratus would need to send the transactions to a specific socket that would then be read by Prognosis.