Job Description :
Production Supervisor Duties & Essential Job FunctionsLeads and provides direction to up to 50 people at one time.Trains and coaches production line employees to meet high quality standards.Understands how to safely operate all the equipment within their assigned area of responsibility.Ability to read all product formulas, temperatures, and times, according to building sheets and Bill of Materials (BOMCoordinates production startup, shutdown and changeoversCoordinates appropriate staffing levels with Production Manager.Responsible for employee rotations on the line, employee training, employee breaks.Understands how to correctly give direction with a sense of urgency to production line.Must ensure that overtime for line employees is kept to a minimum, unless approved by a Production Manager.Responsible for reporting and tracking waste and actively identifying ways to reduce waste in accordance with company goals.Follows Manager’s instructions and effectively communicates the directions to the line.Understands the significance of downtime on the production floor.Ability to improve and create more efficiency on the line, while keeping safety top priority.Ability to multitask and be detail oriented.Responsible for maintaining production records in a timely manner.Understands and fills production reports and logs on a daily basis.Inspects and gives final sign off on all production labels when necessary.Ability to learn and apply First In/First Out rotation.Demonstrates ability to meet production standards on specific assignments within a required time.Displays appropriate work ethics in the workplace and group settings which provides a positive influence on the production floor.Maintains good housekeeping and clean work areas in assigned space.Supervises production line in accordance with established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) policies and procedures.Assures that all work assigned is performed in accordance with specifications, instructions and requirements.Demonstrates ability to meet production standards on specific assignments within required time.Follows production dress code standards and maintains good personal hygiene, and makes sure all employees do the same.Responsible for food safety and food quality throughout production.Leads by example in order to provide a positive influence on the production floor.Responsible for notifying a Manager when they step off the line to ensure food safety and food quality standards are maintained.Understands the management of Quality Systems and is familiar with SQF, HACCP, and GMP practices which help ensure the safety within the workplace and the production of a safe and quality product(s Qualifications:Demonstrates good verbal communication skills.Able to stay focused in a loud working environment.Must have reliable transportation and be able to work a flexible schedule.Must be willing to work overtime, including weekends if necessary.Must be able to understand and follow written instructions.Must understand basic mathematical concepts.Must be able to work in a fast paced, team environment.Must be able to work in a manufacturing environment requiring strict work/safety rules 100% of the time.Basic computer skills required.