Job Description :
Problem Manger

Bothell WA

12+ Months

Job description and Responsibilities of Problem Manager include:

¦ Managing the lifecycle of all problems.

¦ Preventing incidents from happening.

¦ Minimizing the impact of unavoidable incidents.

¦ Making temporary solutions (workarounds) available to incident management.

¦ Developing final solutions for known errors.

¦ Performing trend analysis of important services or historical incidents.

¦ Problem identification and recording.

¦ Problem investigation and diagnosis.

¦ Identifying underlying causes of incidents and preventing recurrences.

¦ Developing workarounds or other solutions to incidents.

¦ Submitting change requests to change management as required to eliminate known problems.

¦ Recording, managing, and advancing the problem by escalating to an elevated level of expertise, if appropriate, by integrating with change management, incident management, and configuration management.

¦ Creating tasks to work on the problem resolution.

¦ Problem resolution and closure. See Resolving a Problem and Closing a Problem.

¦ Analyzing historical data to identify and eliminate potential incidents before they occur.

¦ Identifying users to actively monitor and oversee the problem resolution process.

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