Job Description :
DirectClient: Texas Board of Nursing, (BON)
Title: PowerBuilder Developer
Location: Austin, Texas 78751
Duration: Until August 31, 2018 with possible extension
Last date for submission: March 21, 2018(2.00PM-CST)

Job Description:
Texas Board of Nursing, (BON) is seeking to engage in a project to modernize its background service applications and batch processes initiated by BON staff commonly referred to as jobs. The project will include a review of the written code, documentation and collaboration with BON staff to ensure that the application logic and business rules written in these jobs are successfully transitioned to Microsoft .NET 4.6.
Since the purpose of the project is to migrate BON''s background service applications and batch processes, the vendor at a minimum will address the following needs and capabilities of BON:

Worker will provide the BON with necessary resources to perform code review, documentation, and individual migration strategies.
Worker will provide the BON, where identified, plans to mitigate time-sensitive data formatting and storage limitations to extend the serviceable lifetime of applications unable to be migrated before projected failure timelines.
o Example: Issued license numbers exceeding legacy six-digit specifications.

The objective of the PowerBuilder Modernization project is to replace all batch processes and service applications with analogous software on a modern software development framework.
The PowerBuilder Modernization Project expectation from start to finish is 5 months (20 weeks), beginning on the negotiated date in the Third Quarter of FY2018. All code review and documentation must be completed by this time. Any remaining time will be allocated to collaboration with TBON staff in testing each updated implementation.

The worker will be involved at every stage of the PowerBuilder Modernization Project. The following details the requirements at each stage:

Upon being provided access to the PowerBuilder libraries and a test environment of BON licensure, the worker will become familiar with BON’s licensure management application and daily operations, supplemented by training on the licensure database and systems by BON staff.

As determined by BON, the worker will work with BON programming and development staff to test and deploy each identified batch process’s reimplementation running on Microsoft .NET 4.6.

Other Special Requirements:
The Texas Board of Nursing applications are written in the Sybase PowerBuilder 11.0 IDE. Target reimplementation environment is Microsoft .NET 4.6.

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
5 General Programming
2 Powerbuilder 10.0+
2 Technical Writing or Source Code Management

Client : BON