Job Description :
Perform PostgreSQL Server database administration, manage role based (RBAC) user accounts and system accounts, patch Management and maintain Replication/DR Environment.
Perform Database migration for PostgreSQL and Mongo DB databases between various environments, including between data centers and cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Monitor all production database activity for operational improvements to include CPU, Disk and memory utilization, space utilization. 
Evaluate and Perform security hardening on PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases including configurations related to access control, authorizations, OS(Linux) Configuration parameters, file system encryption.
Evaluate Security infractions and overall performance of databases to develop and implement corrective measures for database issues/problems found during monitoring.  
Analyze performance issues in the application and database tiers.
Perform disaster recovery principles and practices, including planning, testing backup/restore.
Maintain Replication/DR Environment of Postgres Hands on maintenance activities such as vacuum, full vacuum, analyze the PostgreSQL Database.
Perform database server maintenance, including upgrades of PostgreSQL Database, storage management of PostgreSQL and MongoDB.Perform Installation and maintenance of MongoDB database for high availability.Tune SQL queries for optimal performance on PostgreSQL, create and manage indices.Tune No SQL queries on Mongo DB and create/manage indices.