Job Description :
Note: Worker will be required to be on site in Boston 3-4 days per week; working remotely no more than 1- 2 days per week.
Job Description:
Thrives on deep work and autonomy to solve complex engineering problems. We are re-architecting our Atlassian tooling stack and need someone to migrate several tools off an AWS AMI/CFT + EBS pattern and on to a Docker/AWS ECS + EFS pattern. As an engineer, you''ll get to tackle this head on and lead the effort.

Thrives on DevOps principles of automation, monitoring and alerting. A Platform engineer is tasked with supporting regular operations of our tool stacks, namely, performance, security, compliance matters through upgrades, add-ons, and process improvements.

Thrives on high performing team dynamics limiting voice communication in favor of asynchronous text communication, and a pull model of receiving and providing support . Our team is groomed for effectiveness and efficiency, not looking busy or talking loudly. We provide the opportunities to succeed and build a list of wins and show it off in return for quality and speed of delivery.
Skillset needs:
* Familiarity with the Atlassian stack from an operations and engineering perspective;
* Familiarity with deploying Docker workloads to AWS ECS;
* Familiarity with AWS storage services S3, EBS, and EFS;
* Familiarity with AWS AMIs/CFTs;
* Familiarity with AWS EC2/KMS/ECS;
* Familiarity with NewRelic and Splunk;

Education needs:
* Bachelors in Computer Science or related field;
* At least 5 years work experience.