Job Description :
) Performance Test Engineer/Performance Test Lead
Must be expert in using TruClient Web, TruClient Mobile, Web HTTP/HTML/Web Services (REST and SOAP), Database, and as many other protocols as possible including SAP GUI, SAP Web, and RTE (3270), we also do application testing via Citrix so having Citrix/ICA protocol experience is a BIG plus as well.
i. Cover all the protocols we are licensed to use here
c. Primary skill set required is Performance Test Engineer/Performance Test Lead which includes but may not be limited to:
i. Project management and planning
ii. Client communications and issue resolution with clients, i.e., meetings, organizational skills, communication skills etc.
1. We want them to be able to meet with client and do a project “end to end” without supervision, or minimal supervision
iii. Advanced scripting in multiple protocols
iv. Full lifecycle performance testing… planning, written test plans, requirements analysis, design, scripting, execution, and reporting.