Job Description :

Strong experience with JMeter, Unix commands and scripting to gather system KPIs, DB performance monitoring using native tools.
Demonstrated ability to identify performance critical business flows for enterprise web apps and to identify the right load models, etc., to accurately measure performance, scalability and reliability.
Proven ability through work experience to not only measure and report, but analyze the observations to help the teams quickly root cause the issue. Candidate needs to be familiar with Java and DB performance bottlenecks and how to identify them based on the observed data.
Strongly proactive and articulate in engaging with the stakeholders including management, to drive the performance testing effort and to help focus the teams attention and drive resolution when necessary, to important performance issues affecting critical applications.
Ability to tune enterprise web app components ( JVMs, app servers, Databases) is a definite plus.
5 - 10 years of Leadership
5 - 10 years of Analytics and Reporting