Job Description :
React is a must skill set.
Should have worked in a project with full React implementation, along with being proficient in code Javascript language features and ES6 and ES7 experience

Proficiency with JavaScript core language features and functionality. Including ES6 and ES7 features.

Proficiency in React and have worked in at least one full React implementation project.

Experience with at least one modern client side JavaScript framework or library (Angular, Ember) apart from React. Understanding of Node.js and how it works. Experience with common libraries like Express.js and using Node as a web server or micro-service. Working with and building REST-ful API's and GraphQL.

Software development patterns like OOP, Flux/Redux, Modular, MVVM, MVC and Observer.

Understanding of practical uses of responsive design and HTML, the use of tools like Sass and the authoring modular CSS (CSS modules or PostCSS

Knowledge of Git and Gitflow.

NoSQL databases and SQL composition skills are a plus.

A collaborative work ethic and the ability to work within a self-organized, cross-functional team.

Familiarity with agile and scrum.

Great communication skills.

Familiar with web server-side technologies, such as GoLang, JSP, Ruby or Python.

Previous startup experience is a plus.