Job Description :

I have an urgent position of Performance Engineer IV – San Francisco, CA .If you are available kindly send me your updated resume .

Role: Performance Engineer IV
Location: San Francisco, CA
Duration: 6+ months
M.O.I : Telephonic & Skype

Job Description:

6-8 years experience in Performance Engineering
4+ years of experience with Databases and SQL
4+ years of benchmark testing, performance analysis using industry standard benchmarks
4+ year of programming experience in Java, C++, C#
4+ years experience with script languages JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell
Software development experience with a distinguished track record on technically demanding projects
Outstanding attention to detail and communication skills
ability to analyze / interpret technical data
ability to identify / resolve system bottlenecks
ability to identify potential limitations in software architectures
ability to write clear and concise technical documents
troubleshooting and reasoning skills
understanding of throughput, latency, memory and CPU utilization
Working knowledge of TCP/IP, networking topology, routers, switches
Working knowledge of Network packet sniffers (e.g. TcpDump, Network Monitor, WinDump, EtherPeek, Observer)
Working knowledge of operating system design / tuning (e.g. Linux, Solaris )
Working knowledge of database tuning and administration (e.g. Oracle, DB2)
Working knowledge of HTTP load generation /measurement software (e.g. LoadRunner, JMeter, Grinder, Fiddler, Firebug) -
Bachelor''s Degree in CS or any engineering discipline
Experience/Skills Desired:
Familiar with Application servers (e.g. Resin, Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss)
Familiar with J2EE Technologies (e.g. JSP, Servlets, EJB, WebServices, SOA)
Familiar with Java Debugging / Monitoring Software (e.g. JProbe, Dynatrace, Introscope)
Familiar with Oracle SQL / PL SQL query plan analysis/tuning, contention/locking analysis and tuning
Familiar with Oracle clustering technologies (e.g. RAC, Grid, OPS)
Familiar with Open Source Automation Frameworks (e.g. STAF)
Familiar with Appliance Load Generators (e.g. Spirant Avalanche)
Familiar with TCP/IP, networking topology, routers, switches