Job Description :
Requirement details:
Position: Performance Engineer Introscope Admin

Location: Baltimore, MD

Duration: 6+Months

Required Skills:

Familiarity with APM product suite
Ability to provide operational support of CA APM tools, including Introscope, on mainframe, UNIX, and Windows platforms
Application performance management tool root cause analysis and remediation

Secondary skills
Ability to develop dashboards and create custom metrics.
Strong teamwork and communication skills, including the ability to provide knowledge transfer to personnel.
Experience with related performance monitoring and dashboard tools for web and cloud-based applications (e.g. AppDynamics, Hygieia, etc a plus

CA APM (recommended but not required)

Administer Introscope tool on mainframe, UNIX, and Windows platforms
Create and maintain application-specific Introscope dashboards, alerts, custom metrics, and reports
Build and tune Introscope agent configuration files for performance and to provide necessary metrics for monitoring
Identify and report on potential opportunities to improve problem remediation procedure
Document Introscope agent configuration for inclusion in application runbooks
Analyze application server performance in performance testing and Production applications
Train and transfer knowledge on all activities, including Introscope administration, use, and support.