Job Description :
Project Manager
Location: Washington, DC
Duration: 6 Months +
Provide support to Client’s legal counsel for the collection and organization of documents relating to the New Electronic Payments Program contract, and related termination claims. Your work will be confidential, in support of Client’s legal counsel working on matters relating to this contract and its termination, and intended to be subject to protection under the attorney client and work product privileges.

Tasks broadly include the following:
- Collect and organize documentation related to each item in Accentures Termination Settlement Proposal for Client Contract FQ-11248-3;
- Collect all documents relating to Client Contract FQ-11248-3 that have been preserved pursuant to the litigation hold notice relating to Accentures claim arising under the Termination Settlement Proposal;
- Post all documents collected and any associated deliverables to limited access Procore site (or such other document repository directed by the Agency) in the appropriate directory and sub-directories for easy management and retrieval.
- Review technical and factual issues as directed by Client’s legal counsel.

For the purposes of this project, the term Document includes any written, recorded, or graphic matter, however produced or reproduced, and includes, but is not limited to, any documents, objects, writings, recordings, photographs, original, or duplicate. Document includes, but is not limited to, working papers; preliminary, intermediate or final drafts; engineering and technical data; existing technical root cause analyses; correspondence; reports; summaries; drawings; charts; graphs; diagrams; schedules; schematics; memoranda; interoffice memoranda; notes; compilations; pricing documents; computer runs; minutes or other records of meetings or conferences; progress reports; invoices (including rejected and accepted invoices); electronic data, as defined below; email; electronic folders; financial calculations; diaries; reports of telephone or other oral conversations; desk calendars; appointment books; and any other writing, recording or electronic data of every kind.

Sub-Task 1: Within 5 days of notice-to- proceed, develop and submit a high level schedule in Microsoft Project outlining the key deliverable dates and milestones for the Document collection and organization effort. Provide written progress updates weekly in an agreed upon format. Schedule modifications must be approved.
Sub-Task 2: Provide the following confidential services and deliverables as needed and directed by the NEPP Closeout Project Manager and Client’s legal counsel:
1. Collect Documents retained pursuant to Client Litigation Hold Related to Client Contract FQ- 11248-3;
2. Collect other Documents specifically related to Accentures Termination Settlement Proposal and its various subparts;
3. Provide technical interpretation of Documents collected pursuant to this Task Order and of the technical solution and be available to provide technical and factual support to Client’s legal counsel, if expressly requested by legal counsel, in connection with Client’s counsels defense of Accentures Termination Settlement Claim.
Sub-Task 3: Inside of the limited access, confidential Procore site (or such other document repository directed by the Agency), continue to organize and place Documents in the following files (or such other folders as designated by the Agency or its legal counsel from time to time) and provide such assistance with respect thereto as is requested by the NEPP Closeout Project Manager and Client’s legal counsel:
- Client Monthly Progress Reports; - Accentures Termination Settlement Claim and related sub-folders;
- Award Letter; - Contract - Client Final Proposal;
- CDRLs and CDRLs reviews, comments and dispositions, including CDRLs not approved;
- COTR Letters;
- COTR Reports;
- Executed Client Procurement Record;
- Final Solicitation;
- Final TET Report;
- NEPP Assets;
- NTP Letter;
- Pilot Phase Invoice Submittal (BUS - Rail);
- Pilot Phase Invoice Submittal (Parking);
- Pre-award;
- Presentations, Meeting Notes/Minutes and Other Materials;
- Project deliverables;
- Regional operator documents, proposals and presentations;
- Software and system enhancements for Client;
- Termination Letter;
- Test procedures and test reports; and
- Transition Planning Documents.

-Contractor shall furnish qualified personnel who previously worked on the FQ-11248 contract for the timely, accurate and complete performance of the duties under this task order.
-Provide monthly invoices based on the hours consultant staff worked on this task.
-Consultants timesheet with detailed description for the hours charged shall be submitted and signed by Client’s task manager bi-weekly.
-The Consultant shall then submit the Client task manager signed timesheet in Procore for records.
-The Consultant shall include the summary of work performed for each staff in the invoice. (Staff Augmentation
-The consultant shall follow Client Travel Policy and GSA schedule for task related travel expenses.
-Any travel shall be pre-authorized by Client task manager.
-There is no overtime permitted in the invoice unless an overtime pre-approval form is signed by the Client. (On-Call Engineering)
-All Invoices should be submitted through Procore.