Job Description :
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Only USC & GC
Must have POSTGRESQL Certification
Senior POSTGRESQL Database Administrator
UnitedHealth Group
Cypress, CA
6-month Contract

What is the specific title of the position?
Senior posgreSQL Database Administrator Consultant

What Project/Projects will the candidate be working on while on assignment?
The candidate will be working on the EDSS to Documentum migration project that involves postgreSQL as the backend database. The project number associated with this is PRJ107346

Is this person a sole contributor or part of a team?
The person is a part of the team but will be mostly be a solely contributor to analyzing, designing and standing up over 20 plus Production postgreSQL database for one of the largest ever document storage repositories in the world that involves billions of documents.

If so, please describe the team? (Name of team, size of team, etc
The team is the regular development EDMS team that will be working in Documentum, but this person will be the sole contributor for postgreSQL

What are the top 5-10 responsibilities for this position? (Please be detailed as to what the candidate is expected to do or complete on a daily basis)
1. postgreSQL Bi Directional Replication
2. postgreSQL Database Analysis and Design
3. postgreSQL Installation
4. postgreSQL Performance Tuning for very high workloads (30k transactions per second)
5. postgreSQL Database Partitioning
6. postgreSQL Geo separated High Availability

What software tools/skills are needed to perform these daily responsibilities?
1. postgreSQL
2. Toad OR DB Visualizer or any similar tools
3. Linux
4. Docker Containers

What skills/attributes are a must have?
1. postgreSQL with Certification is a must
2. postgreSQL Development experience
3. High availability hardcore experience
4. Shell Scripting

What skills/attributes are nice to have?
1. May have written books or white papers on postgreSQL
2. Java Skills
3. Automation skills

Where is the work to be performed? (Please list preferred UHG facility, if other please specify i.e. remote work, rural, etc
- The entire engagement demands a very hands on Consultant who will be the sole contributor to postgreSQL. Some of the functions the contractor will perform handson are:
- standing up from scratch, managing and putting into production over 20 plus PostgreSQL Databases as Docker Containers
- postgreSQL Bi Directional Replication
- postgreSQL Database Analysis and Design
- postgreSQL Installation
- postgreSQL Performance Tuning for very high workloads (30k transactions per second)
- postgreSQL Database Partitioning
- postgreSQL Geo separated High Availability

What are the work hours? (ex. 9am-5pm, day/night shifts, rotating shifts, etc)
9am to 6pm CST or PST

Client : UHG