Job Description :
PMP Project Manager
Menands, NY
24 Months
Job Description:
LeadWeb Application Overview
LeadWeb is used by Local Health Department (LHD) staff to access and process information resulting from blood tests administered to children to test lead levels. Blood test results are submitted to LeadWeb daily from the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System (ECLRS Data is also exchanged with the NYSDOH Immunization Registry (NYSIIS), through daily transfers between the systems. Annually, LeadWeb handles about 850,000 blood lead records pertaining to 250,000 children up to age 18 and contains legacy data dating back to the early 1990''s.
Project Effort
The LeadWeb application was originally implemented in Perl/CGI running on an Apache server and has recently been migrated to Java running on WebLogic server. Now that the migration has been completed, work will begin on a lengthy backlog of requested functional enhancements to improve the application and support changes to business practices.
1. Candidate must be able to provide leadership to a large team and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field
2. Manage all team activities
3. Create weekly status reports of all Lead activities
4. Define project’s objectives, create schedules and oversee control throughout the entire project.
5. Deliver the project according to the project plan.
Skill Mtrix:
84 months experience actively fulfilling business analyst activities including requirements elicitation, requirements analysis, test plan construction, and test plan execution.
84 months experience with directly managing project costs, establishing/maintaining project schedule, establishing/managing risk management strategy, and status reporting.
84 months experience with facilitating communication in all aspects of the project including meetings, between vendors and staff.
60 months experience with planning and managing web-based, service-oriented architecture applications and infrastructure upgrade projects
60 months experience with managing the evolution and maintenance of three-tier architecture applications
36 months as a certified project management professional