Job Description :
Title: Oracle PL/SQL Developer
Location: Albany, NY
Duration: 24 months

Job Description:
The NYBE mission is to develop, implement and maintain a single statewide system for use by the State for all licensing and permitting needs.
Working with NYS Agency representatives to develop report specifications and understand Agency business rules.
Write complex report SQL and PL/SQL against an Oracle database.
Performance tuning report SQL to improve efficiency.
Develop and main reports using Crystal Reports and Oracle Service Cloud.
Assist on data migration and conversion projects.
Support and report on COTS products such as NYS E-Licensing system.
Provide knowledge transfer to Agency report developers.

Candidates should have at least 60 months experience and a majority of the following should apply:
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. 60 Months of Experience writing complex SQL, PL/SQL, Packages and Triggers against an enterprise Oracle database #of months 10
2. 60 Months of Experience performance tuning complex SQL, PL SQL against an enterprise Oracle database, data analysis and root cause analysis #of months 10
3. 60 Months of Experience working with stakeholders to determine reporting specifications #of months 10
4. 60 Months of Experience with Crystal Reports - designing, developing reports with Oracle back-end, testing and deploying reports. #of months 10
5. 60 months of experience in designing reports, analyzing MY SQL and Oracle database tables to establish knowledge of the data for accurate report retrieval, and interpreting the requirements provided by Business Analyst. #of months 10
6. 3 Months of Experience with Oracle Service Cloud version 2012-current. Designing, developing reports with MySQL back-end, testing and deploying reports. #of months 10
7. 12 Months of Experience in data analysis, cleansing and migration. #of months 10
8. 36 Months of experience with version control systems #of months 10