Job Description :
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Role: PHP developer
Location: Atlanta, GA


Turner is seeking a seasoned Senior PHP developer to create custom functionality for PHP sites. If you know PHP inside and out with a focus on backend dev and you’re passionate about working on fun and challenging projects this is the start of a great career move. We’re looking for a Senior Development leader that will spend 90% of his/her time writing great code and 10% reviewing code of junior developers. A lot of your initial work will be working on migration of the site to PHP from a custom CMS.


90% of the workload is custom functionality for web applications that use Drupal as the CMS.
10% of this positions workload is testing, maintenance and troubleshooting.· Drupal Developer Hiring Qualifications.In-depth architectural knowledge·
Experience with largescale and complex websites using Drupal, including custom module development, key contributed modules and the core API, CCK, Views and Panels·
Proficient in the maintenance and administration of Drupal modules and sites· Expertise in PHP·
Can display expertise in SQL, relational databases and MySQL· Can display expertise in JavaScript and familiar with AJAX and JQuery·
Knowledgeable about using templates to theme· Proficient in table-less CSS· Stickler for using git and code reviews before pushing· Experience integrating open source and third-party applications into existing systems·
Experience building user interfaces for websites and/or web applications – provided examples of previous work · Experience in developing responsive design websites without css frameworks and building custom Drupal modules

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