Job Description :
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Title: System Engineer
Period of Performance: 3 years (Start 1/2/2019)
Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) Requirements. Must have a favorable National Agency Check with Law and Credit (NACLC) or Tier 3 (T3) investigation.

Citizen OR GC Candidates Only

Objectives: The objective of this PWS is to define the tasks necessary to obtain a platform engineering support capability to handle Oracle tasks for the DFAS Infrastructure and Production Support office. The contractor must have expertise with DFAS and DISA policies, procedures and best practices for standard hosting and milCloud environments. The support capability needs to be able to provide expert hardware and software guidance on Oracle software installation and maintenance for all UNIX to include Solaris 10/11 as well as Oracle Engineered Systems (SuperCluster This work will be performed on applications hosted within DFAS and DISA (Cloud and non-Cloud environments

Scope: The contractor shall provide expert technical guidance on utilizing Oracle software. This effort has historically required 1980 labor hours per year to perform the appropriate level of service needed. The Oracle software utilized by DFAS includes database and web application software, monitoring tools, and code repository.

The platform engineer will provide specialized assistance in dealing with both software and hardware problems. Platform Engineer must understand the functionality of the DFAS Oracle systems hosted at DFAS and DISA, as well as installation/deployment, hardware, and routine maintenance functions. The platform engineer must have technical understanding of the hardware and Oracle operating environments at Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECC) and DFAS as well as other distributed base platforms where finance and accounting systems are in use. The engineer will have advanced technical knowledge of DISA Oracle Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) as well as engineering Oracle solutions within a DFAS DoD environment. The platform engineer will also possess intimate knowledge with designing and troubleshooting Oracle solutions on an Oracle SuperCluster and Solaris UNIX environments within DFAS.

The contractor will primarily work in a Unix/mid-tier environment supporting Oracle design, installations, configurations, migrations, performance tuning, and troubleshooting within DFAS and DISA datacenters. The contractor provides installation and configuration recommendations, tuning and troubleshooting problems for DFAS Oracle applications at DFAS and DISA datacenters.

The current DFAS Oracle environment includes database, web applications, repository, monitoring, and client software. The contractor shall provide support for any new Oracle products/versions in addition to the existing Oracle products.

More detail for each task is provided below:

1. Provide guidance to install and manage Oracle Software within DFAS and DISA environments
Installation of Oracle Software
Provide consulting guidance and expert information on various issues associated with current or future Oracle software version, Information Assurance Vulnerability Advisement (IAVA) applicable to Oracle, and Oracle patch updates. Download and test new software versions and patches.
Monitor Oracle site and DISA for new patches, IAVAs or versions of software. For new Oracle software, download, review, test and make recommendation on what situations it would be appropriate to use it in.
Provide Subject Matter Expertise for Tier 3 Help Desk tickets to support problem resolution of installation and configuration errors.
Provide migration support for Oracle applications in development and production environments.
Prepare Whitepapers associated with review and analysis of Oracle software.
Author installation and operational documents for all new and updated Oracle solutions designed by the engineer. Ensure all documents follow established DFAS Engineering quality assurance (QA) procedures.
Support the installation and management of Oracle SuperCluster and other Oracle Engineered Systems. Must be familiar and have detailed knowledge of the Oracle SuperCluster architecture.
2. Software patches and upgrades within DFAS environment
Oracle Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessments (IAVA) security Patches
STIG analysis: Review a STIG to identify potential impact on Oracle database in Windows, HP-UX, and Solaris 10 and 11 environments. Examine the potential impact on various systems of STIG via testing in development and lab environments. Assist Database Administrator (DBA) with methods to meet the requirements of STIG on particular systems via creation of installation or operational guides using DFAS standard documentation procedures.
Prepare and submit Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M), Acceptance of Risk (AOR), or Security Override Letter (SOL) when necessary.
3. Supports creation and management of database schemas within DFAS environment
Best software engineering practices within a DFAS environment
Provide professional guidance and consulting advice to DBA team on:
How to build their applications in database environment. Guidance and advice follows software engineering industry and DOD best practices.
Best practices and procedures for how to backup various databases.
Recovery strategies.
Applications availability and database design and configuration issues based on predicted availability and implication derived from predictions.
Assist with stress testing, performance tuning and capacity planning.
Maintenance of the RMAN Oracle Repository for all Oracle backup catalogs and move/relocation of database(s) to new/different servers.
Proper methods for installation and configuration of Oracle Grid Infrastructure.
Creating documentation as needed to fulfill guidance and consulting services.
If guidance and consulting takes longer than 15 minutes, then create a ticket in the Remedy ticketing system to track the work performed and provide updates until work completed.
Provide occasional feasibility studies, project estimates, and cost benefit analysis of alternatives.
4. Provide UNIX and SQL scripts and integrity of these scripts
Create automated jobs in Unix and SQL to monitor databases.
In Unix and SQL languages, develop and turn over to DBA team scripts to automate manual processes related to monitoring databases hosted at DFAS or DISA.
Create documentation to identify, at a minimum, what each script does. Update Remedy as appropriate to document actions taken.
5. Optimization and Performance within DFAS environment
Review SQL
Review queries not performing properly and identify opportunities to re-structure query to increase performance. Provide instructions and advice to DBA or Development team for fixing the query.
Review settings and database parameters when it is identified that database is not performing optimally. Assist with the tuning of the database for improved/optimal performance by providing advice to solve issue.
Prioritize problems and work highest priority first. Update Remedy as needed.
Establish and maintain a collaborative working relationship with DFAS that affords continual process improvements. Recommend ways to improve the DFAS mission, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce cost. Continuously improve performance, reliability, security, and cost reduction of the services provided throughout the Task Order period of performance. Be flexible in meeting dynamic DFAS requirements.
6. Assist with Database Administration within a DFAS environment
Manage Oracle.
Support Management of Oracle in a Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment)
Support management of the Cluster Ready services (CRS Provide detailed design and analysis for utilizing Oracle RAC with DFAS or DISA hosted applications. Suppot activities to manage the Oracle database in a real application cluster environment utilizing DFAS NetApp storage infrastructure. Activities include support for installing Oracle databases, and set up of nodes, and other activities associated with managing an Oracle database.
Provide Subject Matter Expertise to resolve production issues outside core hours as mission needs dictate.
Develop and update documentation as needed to meet documentation requirements.
Support Management of Automatic Space Management (ASM)
Provide support to ensure that the ASM utility is properly designed, configured, and managed to perform its function of ensuring sufficient space is available for various applications hosted at DISA or DFAS. Work with DBAs to properly configure ASM to resolve operational issues.
7. Consult on Technical and Management issues (database, operating systems, analysis and design methodologies, etc within a DFAS environment
Prepare or revise written documents related to Oracle software and related technologies
White paper analyses
Draft white paper following DFAS specific format on issues relating to Oracle and different environments following DFAS standard documentation templates and quality assurance procedures. Participate in the review and editing of DFAS technical architecture papers.
User instructions
Using DFAS standard documentation templates and quality assurance procedures, draft user (DBA) instructions on troubleshooting Oracle performance issues within different environments.
Installation instructions
Using DFAS standard documentation templates and quality assurance procedures, draft instructions for installing Oracle in different DFAS environments.
Technical guidance memorandums
Draft technical guidance memorandums following DFAS specific format on issues relating to Oracle and different DFAS environments.
Technical design reports
Draft Oracle technical design reports to include:.
Developing and maintaining Detailed Design Document.
Updating Visio schematics, installation documentation, test plans, test evaluation reports, and configuration documentation (Operations Document, User Guide, Design Guide, Installation Guide, Tech Memo) and Prototype Architecture for Evaluation.

8. Documentation Services
Updating and maintenance of system documentation
Information Systems Continuity Plans (ISCP) for applications Using Oracle Suggest and provide updates to maintain Oracle portions of the DFAS Information Systems Continuity Plan (ISCP Draft new Oracle related amendments to the ISCP. Review ISCP annually.

9. Consulting and Technical services to team customers
Technical expert and advisor
Expert Guidance on technical matters. Provide professional guidance, presentation, training, and consulting advice to audiences (to include Senior Level) on any Oracle related topic. Presentation and advice follows software engineering best practices within industry and DoD.
10. Review of technical architecture documents
Evaluate software and resource requirements
Review the technical architecture submissions from customers within five days of receipt and provide comments as a member of the technical architecture review board. Comments address how well a submission conforms to DFAS architectural standards. Participate in the evaluation of Oracle software licensing to ensure optimal quantities are purchased and maintained.

11. Support Configuration Review Board (CRB)
Advise Submitters to CRB. In advance of submission to CRB, advise and assist submitters with the creation of Critical Design Review (CDR) documentation.
Evaluate software and resource requirements. Review technical architecture designs involving Oracle solutions and provide comments to the CRB within five days of receiving request. Comments address how well a submission conforms to DFAS architectural standards.

12. Provide database administration Performance Tuning Support
Participate in testing applications for the purpose of performance
As requested, provide monitoring and advice on performance tests to identify whether a performance problem exists within a particular application. Maintain a significant understanding of DFAS applications as they relate to DFAS or DISA hosted Oracle databases. Participate in capacity planning and stress tests utilizing various DFAS toolsets.
Write up recommendation when necessary or provide advice directly to customer on results and analysis.

Client : DFAS - IN