Job Description :
Initial security/access planning work
o Reviewing job codes in various department areas
o Determine and document access differences based on job function and responsibilities
Provision identities with access through user accounts, roles, and role memberships. Users should have resources and access rights based on their job or position.
Creating and managing user identities, creating and linking user accounts, managing user access control through user role assignment, managing workflow approvals and delegated administration.
Role provisioning in the following areas across the life cycle of the implementation, deployment, and post go live.
Employees, contingent workers, internal users
o Hiring
o Self-service role requests
o Transfers, moves, and reorganization
o Termination
Suppliers, partners, external users
o Registering account managers and support representatives
o New role request, such as joining a new partner program
o Change in procurement policy triggers reevaluation of role membership
Prospective supplier requests user account during supplier registration or existing supplier requests accounts for additional employees
Parent organization''s program structure changes and creates need for role revocation or creation of additional roles
o Scheduled role provisioning request triggers role provisioning at a future effective date and time