Job Description :
Oracle R Developer
San Francisco, CA
5 Months

Exp: 10+ years

Design for problems involving both large and small volumes of data.
have run R commands and scripts for statistical and graphical analyses on data stored in Oracle Database.
Can develop, refine, and deploy R scripts that leverage the parallelism and scalability of Oracle Database to automate data analysis.
Can run R packages and develop and operationalize R scripts for analytical applications.
Performs function pushdown for in-database execution of base R and popular R package functions.
Can run any R package via embedded R to the R engines.
Parallel algorithms
Expectation Maximization? Explicit Semantic Analysis
Singular Value Decomposition
Automated text processing in parallel algorithms
Support Vector Machine? Generalized Linear Model
Singular Value Decomposition
Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Explicit Semantic Analysis
Capability enhancements
Partitioned models
Extensible R algorithm models
Provides dplyr functionality extending the Oracle R Enterprise transparency layer
Provides a single, unified interface supporting the complementary use of machine learning and graph analytics technologies with Oracle Spatial and Graph PGX
data movement to analytic servers
Enables analysis of all data not just samples
Should have work with OFSAA integration
Banking domain knowledge is must
Financial back ground preferable