Job Description :
Oracle PL/SQL ETL Specialist
Albany, NY
24 Months - #06278

Job Description:
The Specialist will be responsible for, but not limited to, the analysis and design of database objects and data collection systems, including the transformation of legislative requirements into system functionality; data modelling; responsible for software development tasks including coding, testing, and implementation; prepares technical and user documentation.

Skill Matrix:
1. 84 Months Experience developing Oracle PL/SQL using advanced PL/SQL programming techniques. #of months 25
2. 84 Months Experience using Oracle development tools such as SQL Plus, SQL Developer, and SQL Loader for programming and maintaining applications. #of months 20
3. 84 48 Months Experience designing and implementing logical and physical database models, including indexes, primary keys, foreign keys, and constraints. #of months 15
4. 48 months Experience performing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) techniques. #of months 10
5. 24 months Experience optimizing, performance tuning, and debugging PL/SQL. #of months 10