Job Description :
Job Title: Oracle OTM (Functional/Technical) Consultant
Location: Chicago, IL
Duration: 6+ Month(s)/Contract
Interview Mode : Telephonic, Skype
Role- Oracle OTM (Functional/Technical) Consultant
They need an OTM Consultant who is a Rate and Rail expert in EDI 404, 824, 997, 410, which is the most important.This role will be working internally with Grant Thornton supporting their clients.
a. Rate expert
i. Extensive experience with rate, regions, FSC
ii. Various rate agreements = per ton, per mile, per pallet, round trip, per shipment, etc…
iii. Multiple modes= rail, truck, barge, vessel, LTL
b. Rail expert
i. rule 11, rail junctions, joint line
ii. EDI 404, 824, 997, 410
c. Dock Scheduler (Set up, calendars, dock doors)
i. Order modifications and impact on dock scheduler
d. Operations (Troubleshooting planning & execution)
e. Freight Pay & Audit (CAD Taxes)
f. Training ( a lot of training for the next few weeks around above issues.
g. We are not looking for someone to present training, but someone to work with users to help them through their issues. For example… we have some current rating issues where it does not appear that OTM is selecting the proper rate. The group feels that this is an system issue. We believe it is a result of our complex rating structure.
h. We also need some help trouble shooting issues with transactions errors. When orders do not show in the planning screens, but show in the transmission errors. They are getting stuck with how to resolve.
i. In addition, we will have normal tickets as we have had.