Job Description :
Position: Oracle DBA - Site Guard Configuration (Configure Oracle Site Guard)
Location: Memphis, TN
Interview: Phone & Skype
Duration: 6+ Months (renewable)

Team Role: Configure Oracle Site Guard

Resource must have demonstrated project experience in installing and configuring OSG Oracle Site Guard in OEM environment.

Configure Oracle Site Guard

At your direction, Oracle will provide up to ten (10) person days of technical assistance to configure Oracle Site Guard (''OSG'') in OEM as follows:

1. Review your requirements for the use of OSG for your virtual machines (''VMs'') and storage devices (''Storage'') (combined, ''VMandS'') switch-overs;

2. Verify your operating environment meets the requirements for OSG in accordance to standard OEM product documentation;

3. Review up to ten (10) of your VMandS scripts (''VMandSScripts'')that perform shutdown and startup operations on your VMs and mount and dismount operations on your storage;

4. Configure OSG as follows:

a. Create up to two (2) OSG users and credentials;

b. Configure OEM software library storage locations;

c. Create OSG operation scripts for yur VMandSScripts; and

d. Create one (1) OSG operation plan;

5. Test the OSG operation plan in accordance to standard Oracle OEM product documentation;

6. Conduct one (1) workshop, which is up to two (2) hours in length, to discuss and review the use of OSG; and

7. Create and present to you in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint format an Oracle OEM engagement report which outlines the results of the services and any observations and recommendations.

Client : N/A