Job Description :
Location: Cincinnati OH , Atlanta GA , Schenectady ,NY (Multiple Locations)

Oracle Database administrator with 3+ year of Experience as Oracle Exadata Machine Administrator.
Expertise in Oracle OEM 12c tool
Experience on 11g, 12c on large systems implementation or support of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC), Automatic Storage Management (ASM), Oracle VM/Virtualization is must
Exadata storage servers upgrades and patching
Knowledge on Exadata and its connections with Exalogic will have add-ons
Experience on Exalogic Elastic Architecture and its components
Experience on X3-2 or later version of Exadata instance
InfiniBand switches upgrades and patching
Experience to support the servers of Exalogic Virtual ( X3-2,X4-2,X5-2 and so on)
Experience on network topology of Exalogic including adding network ,allocation and dislocation of IP addresses
Awareness on control-stack and its maintenance
Patching Exalogic Infrastructure PSU and one -off patches
Resource planning and user management
Knowledge on ZFS storages models and creation of projects, file system, exporting, remote replication and shadow migrations.
Cloning and migration of application VServers
Experience in configuring and using ILOM
DR set up for application running on Exalogic
Awareness on Configuration of OTD, NIS/LDAP, Apache and its maintenance.
Knowledge on WebLogic or any FMW components will have add-ons.
Backup and recovery strategies on Exalogic Machines
Monitoring aspects through ASR and manual scripts (knowledge of Shell scripting/Python/Ansible/ GIT-SVN to monitor the Infrastructure
Coordinate with Oracle Vendor support for Hardware replacements
Capacity to resolve or direct the resolution direction in case real time issues.
Log generation and analysis and able to work with Oracle support in fixing bugs and issues. Knowledge over VNC’s to generate different hardware and software level graphs for analysis.
Able to tune the environment in case of performance issues.
Assistance with Oracle support for hardware replacement tasks
Good interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills Ability to communicate business value and manage client relationships Ability to lead team in pressure environment within defined KPI/SLA
Experience over OVM, creating users, templates, Building VM’s, monitoring alerts and understanding of the Architecture of OVM.
Database machine upgrades and patching
Exadata storage cell, Infiniband, Flash Cache, PDU, KVM, monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting
Tuning and troubleshooting of Exadata any components
Expertise in Real Application Cluster (RAC), ASM, Storage LUNs, Cell Disk and Grid disk is must
Operating systems system administration including Networking, Managing Kernel Parameters, Partitioning, File systems management, VM creation & resizing is must
Monitoring of Operating system, database, security, storage, Exadata components using Enterprise Manager as a centralized proactive maintenance solution
Provide and implement performance and tuning recommendations of all components or Exadata Machine
Applying Oracle critical/ Exadata/ rollup Patch Sets for operating System/ Grid/ ASM/ Infiniband/ Database
Oracle 11g/12c database installation and administration is must
Must have 3 years hands on experience on ASMCMD, IORM, DBFS, Flash Cache, DCLI, ADRCI utilities
Experience in database, VM, Application backup strategy
Hands on experience in new Exadata implementation projects and production support projects is must