Job Description :
Oracle PL/SQL Workers Comp TFS Architect (05105)
Albany, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

Development, Integration, and support efforts related to the upgrade and modernization of NYSIF’s claims processing system including both Disability and Worker’s Compensation claims systems.
The duties of the consulting resource would be to plan, create, modify, test and implement code to support the implementation and maintenance of NYSIF’s claims processing systems.
Duties may include:
- Create Oracle stored procedure, packages, and triggers.
- Create, upgrade, and modernize NYSIF’s web-based Claims Processing systems using Microsoft .Net technologies.
- Assist with the development and integration of the cloud-based Fineos system to process Disability and Paid Family Leave claims.
- Assist with the development and integration of public facing self-service portals for Disability and Paid Family Leave customers.
- Assist with upgrading, modernizing, and integrating Workers Compensation Claims processing systems.
The consultant will adhere to NYSIF’s application development standards, including, but not limited to, project management methodology, SDLC (software development life cycle), Enterprise Architecture standards and the IT governance process.
1 At least 12 months experience in the Insurance industry supporting the creation and maintenance of Workers Compensation and/or Disability insurance claims. #of months
2 36 months experience with Microsoft TFS #of months
3 At least 60 months experience in Oracle PL/SQL development including Triggers, Views, Packages and SQL tuning #of months
4 12 Months experience with Innotas #of months
5 12 Months experience with HP Quality Center #of months

Oracle DB Java WebLogic Developer (05113)
Menands, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

The Center for Environmental Health uses SDWIS to track public water system information related to compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations. It is also used for mandatory data transmittal to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA As it currently exists, SDWIS is outdated and unsupported by the EPA and its contractor, SAIC. At the direction of the Governor’s Office, NYS Department of Health (DOH), NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) will work to redesign SDWIS and to develop an inter-agency platform to share and analyze information on water quality and contamination risks.
Daily Tasks will include but not limited to the following:
1. Design & develop Java web applications for Oracle WebLogic Servers.
2. Design & develop web services.
3. Providing maintenance & support for live applications & services.
4. Application Server Tasks: Deploying applications & web services, creating data sources
5. Develop object relational mapping using ibatis frameworks to access back-end Oracle databases.
6. Preform Tuning and optimizing Oracle Queries and Stored Procedures.
7. Designing and developing Oracle database objects such as tables, triggers, and stored procedures for the applications. Write PL/SQL against Oracle RAC for use by web applications.
8. Communicating with users & stakeholders. Communicate with Business Analysts to acquire requirements.
9. Documentation: Preparing various documents like user documents, process flow diagrams and database schema diagrams.
10. Performs black box testing of web applications developed by other staff members.
11. Attend and lead joint application design sessions with other staff members.

1. 84 Months Hands-on Oracle Database experience creating database objects such as Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Triggers, Cursors, user defined data types and ERD diagrams. #of months
2. 84 Months Experience Creating Data flow and ERD Diagrams. #of months
3. 72 months Experience with performance tuning and optimization in an Oracle DB #of months
4. 84 Months Experience in programming Java applications specifically in an Oracle Weblogic environment from specifications expressed by use cases, class diagrams, interaction diagrams and sequence diagrams. #of months
5. 72 Months Demonstrated experience of administration of Oracle weblogic Server. #of months
6. 72 Months Experience using SPRING or a similar Java development framework. #of months
7. 72 Months Demonstrated hands-on development of Web services, including SOAP based and RestFul based implementations. #of months
8. 72 Months Demonstrated hands on experience using IBATIS or MyBatis with Hibernate for Java applications in an Oracle Weblogic environment. #of months

Cognos SQL Reports Developer (05109)
Rensselaer, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

This resource is critical to continue reporting, analysis and measurements for Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare in New York State. If this resource is not procured, the Strategic Planning and OCFS Data Warehouse will be left without a resource to address ongoing management and operational reporting over the next 2 years, including needed development of data structures and extractions that are necessary for the continued support of Local Districts of Social Services (LDSSs) and Federal Reporting. Reporting include AFCARS, NCANDS, CFSR and Casework Contacts. This resource will primarily work on financial (IV-E reviews) and fatality reporting as well as requests related to raise the age programming.
Tasks that this position will be handling during the period the position is being requested:
Write SQL scripts to extract and analyze juvenile justice child welfare data
Assist in creating, testing and reporting on financial reporting
Data extraction and programming to investigate issues associated with financial (IV-E review, BICS), and fatality reporting
Modify and maintain COGNOS models associated with financial (IV-E review, BICS), and fatality reporting
Write and maintain COGNOS reports associated with financial (IV-E review, BICS), and fatality reporting
Provide basic COGNOS training to OCFS, LDSS and VA staff
1. 84 Months of Experience in reporting #of months
2. 84 Months of Experience in Creating and modifying Framework Manager models #of months
3. 84 Months of Experience in Creating and modifying reports using COGNOS tools #of months
4. 84 Months of Experience in using SQL for analysis and reporting #of months
5. 84 Months Experience in social service related reporting #of months
6. Bachelor’s Degree #of months