Job Description :
Location : Dallas DJO office, no remote work
Number of roles : 3

Client role information:
We are continuing a small MDM effort this year and require some Oracle expertise to assist. It’s a smaller effort than a full-blown MDM but the team onboarded will be responsible for working with the business to build out a future roadmap to get us funded for an architected MDM in the next 1-2 years.
The project ask is to drive some data cleansing, de-duplication efforts around our customers. Today, we have a significant issue in address/site and customer/pricing mapping. Today’s data contains no alignment to a “party” construct in Oracle. Additionally, there has been bad business practice that has exacerbated the issue/complexity that will have to be driven to a common framework, common rules and alignment to standard forms in Oracle, etc. We will also have to evaluate the data migration needs once a new definition is completed.
What we’re looking for:
1. (1) Oracle techno-functional resource (Dallas based) who knows the oracle MDM architecture (hubs, DQ modules, address verification tools, etc), understands Oracle forms. Has done work on MDM efforts, taking a very unstructured environment and driving alignment to requirements, business stakeholder approval to impacts, up/downstream data impacts to changes, etc. We’re on Oracle 12.0.6 (very old, I know!) so the resource needs to understand the limits to that architecture. This person will be working with the business team, driving team tasks, evaluating data models & business impacts.
2. (1-2) Oracle technical data architects who can dig into our architecture, understand the up/downstream impacts of changes (data dictionary definition), author scripts to do data pulls, data cleansing, data upload, develop changes to oracle screens to enforce new changes/validate business data entry.