Job Description :
Position: Ops Engineer
Location: Philadelphia PA 19103
Long term

Required Skills
PaaS (Cloud Foundry)
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (ai.api or the like)

Client wants to construct in-house a Virtual Assistant utility for use by Client customers across multiple channels. Project will transform Client’s customer experience by using machine intelligence and natural language understanding to deliver informed, personalized customer service solutions while reducing cost and increasing efficacy. There are three primary categories of interactions encompassed in this project:

1. Machine to Machine: network, product and device health will be monitored using predictive models to allow for automatic-healing, technical escalations, and proactive outbound messaging to customers to assist with issues they may not even yet know they have.

2. Machine to Customer: Project will be available for customer to access via user interfaces across various products (e.g. X1, XHome, Stream app) and channels (e.g. apps, SMS) where they can ask questions using natural language and receive helpful responses, quick resolutions or the ability to connect with customer service agents or directly generate support tickets when appropriate.

3. Machine to Employee: customer service agents will be provided a precise summary of important customer context to efficiently guide them to proper resolutions without requiring customers to explain previous discussions or attempts to resolve their issue.

The tenets of the project are:

The experience should be simple, clear and make it easy for customers to interact with Client

Technical issues should be resolved proactively whenever possible
Interactions with customers should be digital from the start of their relationship with Client

We should be transparent with information relevant to the customer (e.g. billing changes)

History of interactions with Client and the respective project should be remembered and used as context for subsequent interactions (e.g. customer has restarted their gateway 3 times in 24 hours)

Desired Skills:

Cross-functional expertise including architecture/development, QA/testing, and operations

A healthy blend of technical savvy, business acumen, and subject matter expertise

Strong technology skillset appropriate for the roles

Strong communication skills. Strong interpersonal and presentation skills for interacting with various levels of staff

Strong organizational and time management skills

Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Ability to lead and/or influence team / project

Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new requirements as needed

Past experience in similar industry or domain and / or Client experience in the past

Work is expected to be performed exclusively in Philadelphia, PA