Job Description :
Position Description:

SQL Enterprise for the SUN Financials system for international hotels
SWL Server Express (Aurora) for Availability Engine
Oracle Golden Gate for DC to Cloud replication
Blue Prism RDS SQL Server Standard for functional automation
CommVault Embedded SQL Server for hotel backups

Baseline Skills:


Personnel should be proficient in SQL, VB, and PowerShell scripting to create, maintain, and troubleshoot monitoring and maintenance scripts.
Backup & Recovery

Candidate must be conversant in DB backup typologies as well as SQL Litespeed. Must be comfortable performing object-level and full database recoveries in a production environment and, more frequently, in a non-production environment to support developer initiatives.

Must be comfortable with SQL permissions and roles, environment security auditing, and AD troubleshooting with respect to object permissions, SPNs, etc.

Will be required to maintain general database health on an ongoing basis to ensure database performance and health. This includes index maintenance, disk fragmentation health, IO balancing, memory balancing, etc.

Establish and support ongoing monitoring of critical database performance, capacity, and error metrics.
Capacity Planning

Must track storage capacity for all databases and plan/execute accordingly, including requisitioning, provisioning, and properly configuring disk drives for optimal database performance.

Must plan for and execute database engine patching and coordinate with server operations for the patching of OS.

Candidate should be conversant in cross-application communication technologies including linked servers, ODBC, OLEDB, and network Firewall requirements to support Filestream, DTC and SQL.
Cluster Maintenance

Personnel should be able to support, configure, and troubleshoot MS clustering technologies at both the disk and SQL engine level. Must also have experience with CSV volumes.
Filestream Support

Owing to growing use of Filestream across Hilton products, DBA must be able to troubleshoot the performance and health of Filestream.

Additional Desirable Skills:

PSS Diag collection and analysis
Virtual Disk configuration and support
AlwaysOn Integration and Support
Tuning, Dev Support
Warehouse Maintenance/Optimization including compression and partitioning
Storage Tuning/Maintenance
ETL/SSIS package Support
Reporting Support