Job Description :
Open Text Engineer Position
Dallas, TX
$Market/hr All Inc

3+ years using Autonomy/HP suit of products
· Strong Java skills (Strong working knowledge of JEE technologies)
· Experience using the TeamSite CSSDK
· Site Publisher experience using Java not Perl to build components
· Work flow modeler experience
· Forms Publisher experience to include experience with the FormAPI
· OpenDeploy experience with DataDeploy a plus
Additional relevant information
· Interwoven à autonomy à HP (2012) à OpenText (2016) – This is the history of who owns the core products over time.
· This is a contract position – sometimes for hire but that is rare
· 1,800 customers (people who can log into TeamSite) to manage content for about 100 different sites
· Spread across 6 data centers
· Core products we use are
o TeamSite
o Java
o Work Flow Modeler
o Forma API
o SitePublisher
o OpenDeploy
o LiveSite (Content Services, Display Services)
· In 2017 we are doing a complete refresh of our entire service, which consists of over 50 servers in 6 secure data centers. This will take our core products…
o From (Windows 2008, SQL 2008, Core Product version 7.4x)
o To (Windows 2012, SQL 2012, Core Product version 8.2x)