Job Description :
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Role: OEM Consultant
Location: Houston, TX
Duration: Long Term

About role:
A. At your direction, Oracle will provide you with technical assistance with Oracle Enterprise Manager Version 13c Release 2 (''OEM'') for your Oracle Technologies as follows:

1. Install and configure OEM in a Level 4 availability configuration across your two (2) data centers as follows:

a. Review your requirements for an OEM Level 4 availability configuration;

b. Verify that your operating environment meets the pre-installation requirements in accordance to standard Oracle OEM Product Documentation;

c. Install the OEM software on your two (2) servers (''OMSServers'') with a shared storage file system;

d. Configure two (2) Oracle Management Services (''OMS'') on your two (2) OMSServers in an active-active configuration at your primary data center;

e. Configure the Oracle Management Repository (''OMR'') in your two (2) node Oracle Database 12c (''OraDB'') with Real Application Clusters (''RAC'') at your primary data center;

f. Configure two (2) OMS in an active-active configuration at your standby data center on your two (2) Standby OMSServers;

g. Assist you with the creation of your two (2) node Oracle Standby Database (''StandbyDB'') with RAC at your standby data center and the configuration of Oracle DataGuard between OraDB and StandbyDB;

h. Validate connectivity between your Global Load Balancer (''GLB''), Server Load Balancer (''SLB'') and OMS ports;

i. Validate the OEM software library and OMS storage synchronization at the standby site;

j. Verify the configuration of your OMS and OMR in accordance to standard Oracle OEM Product documentation including:

i. OMS failure testing of the active-active OMS at your primary data center;

ii. OMR failure testing of the OraDB with RAC at your primary data center; and

iii. Failover of the OMS and OMR from your primary data center to your standby data center.

k. Configure OEM with your My Oracle Support account details;

l. Install and configure the Oracle Management Agent (''OMA'') on up to one (1) host;

m. Discover and add up to four (4) targets on up to one (1) host of target types: host, listener, Oracle Database or Oracle RAC Database;

n. Configure default target metrics;

o. Configure up to five (5) OEM incidents, email notifications and alerts;

p. Review your security requirements needs and configure up to three (3) Administration Groups; and

q. Conduct up to two (2) workshops, each of which is up to two (2) hours in length, to discuss and review the OEM installation, configuration, administration, and security