Job Description :
Location :Palisades, NY, is currently in need of a Data Domain & Networker Support Admin for a 3 month contract. The customer is currently struggling with Networker backups and trying to get meaningful notifications. The consultant will be responsible for assessing the customers environment and helping to better align their backups to EMC best practices. In addition, the consultant will be responsible for completing Data Domain configs and upgrading their Brocade switches to the latest firmware.
Required Skills:
Ability to perform a Networker assessment and recommend changes to get backup systems issues remedied
o Several NAS servers to configure
o More proxy installations to setup & test.
o Successfully test recover from Vproxy backup; vproxy does not back up independent persistent disks in vmware, but you don''t get any notification, it just skips them, the detail logs show the disks are skipped, but not why, and still getting a backup completion that says all clients backed up, but the backup is marked "failed"
Experience implementing Data Domain
o Completion of Data Domain configuration after hardware install
o Train customer on Data Domain backup best practices
Block based backups
o Cloud backup capabilities
How to configure Data Domain to send backups / second copies to Amazon Glacier
Switch Expertise / Brocade help
Add Brocade ISL configurations, upgrade firmware in old switches and link them in new switches